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Monday, January 26, 2015

2 turtle doves...

I´m gonna be getting home on el 11 de Febrero at 8:43 AM in the Charlotte Douglas airport. And I need to be released by President Baker as soon a possible that same day. Please plan accorddingly.

**Cough cough** Now that all that stinky business stuff is out the way! How are y´all? I´m doing swell. I feel a little weird when people tell me that I´ll be home in 2 weeks cause I just look at them and think...noooo, not yet. I guess I´m in a weird denial/limbo stage. So we will see how that goes!

Let´s just say that the Lord is putting me through some last minute refining in the fire of la misión. It´s been a tiring and trying week. But the interestingly great part is that I feel calm. I feel happy. We have had pretty much a full week where the ward doesn´t help and they just murmur out the wazoo, where every cita has fallen, where people haven´t passed bastismal interviews, where investigadores find the world more interesting than heavenly blessings, when there´s no one in the street, and where we have walked from literally sun up to sun down. And you wanna now something? I can´t explain it, but I feel happy. Yes, my mind and my body end every day literally crawling in the door, but my spirit smiles constantly. I just can´t seem to be mad or sad or frustrated. It almost makes me laugh cause it´s so strange.

All I can say is that the easiest as well as the hardest and most trying times in life can be blessings if we walk with the Lord. I know I walk with Him. I can feel Him there, encouraging me and giving me the strength. I know I am far from perfect, but somehow Christ finds me important and worthy enough to walk beside me. I love that He is there. That He lives. That he hears my pleas and that He strengthens my feet. I know He exsists. I can´t deny the miracles or the spirit or the changes that I´ve seen and experienced. I know He lives. He loves you and He loves me. What a blessing, de verdad.

See y´all soon...woah, que loco.

Love always and always,

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