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Monday, January 12, 2015

I'm in Southport again!...

I get to spend another glorious six weeks in south port, and I'll be training a new sister, I am so excited! You know in tangled when Rapunzel finally leaves the tower and she's so happy, but then it flashes to her having a little meltdown, and then she's happy again, and so on and so on? Well I feel like I keep going through that in my head, but it's just because I am so excited! I am also so sad to see Sister Cross go home, I just love her! I am grateful that the Lord had me and Sister Cross spend six whole weeks together, I really have learned how to be a happier and more caring missionary and person.

I am so excited for what is to come! I just love that I am in South Port for another 6 weeks, and also that you and the Lord trust me to train. I know that it is a big responsibility to be companions with a brand new missionary, but I am just excited to love her and help her to become a better missionary than I am.
Also, let me just rant about Colin for a minute. Goodness he is AMAZING. I seriously just want to run around because I am SO HAPPY!!!!! We have taught him everything, but I swear he is teaching me. We went through the interview with him and he just was so sure. His testimony has just grown before my eyes. It makes me want to cry because it is just so amazing to see the atonement (Christ and how he died for us) play a role in his life. It always reminds me of when I was learning about and joined the church. I have just seen it bless my life tremendously, and I am so grateful that finally someone I've shared it with feels as sure about it as I do. There is nothing better than seeing someone grow in the gospel of Jesus Christ. I honestly feel like I did nothing but just be here, but I am grateful to have been able to watch him grow. Just wow.

I am just excited for this next transfer (another 6 weeks), I have set resolutions and goals and I just know that through the atonement of Jesus Christ that I can do all things.
I can do it, but only with him.
(her new companion that she will be training)

Love you all, stay warm!
Sister Miller

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