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Monday, January 12, 2015

In our humble way...

Today I would like to tell you guys a couple thingys that I have been learning this week.

Number 1: I have been learning a lot about the spirits of different people...like their almas...who they really are. And something that I have realized is that the eyes truly are the windows to the soul. For example, we have a few investigadores that are older and a few that are younger so it´s harder for them to communicate themselves, but when I look into their eyes...like really look into their eyes, I see their worth. I see the soul that God loves. I see their need to know of their Savior´s atonement. I see that they are trying to understand and apply what we teach them. Honestly, a sort of feeling fills my soul as I look into their eyes into the soul of them and I see them as God sees them. I love them as God loves them. I literally get filled with the desire to do whatever it takes so that they understand and accept the gift that Christ has given them. And I don´t know if that´s a missionary thing that happens to everyone or if it´s an Hermana Page thing no más...but I love it.

But it goes the same way with the hardening of a heart. As a heart hardens, I can see that the alma (in their eyes) gets more and more confused and lost and sad and frustrated. I can see their soul say "help me" but their hardened heart rejects that spirit of change.

Basically I have learned that the eyes are powerful teaching tools and understanding tools. They speak more than words and they tell the truth of the spirit of God that is inside.

When you look into someone´s soul and think, "why does God love this person", I promise you that you will be filled with a pure love of Christ, a charity towards that person that will fill ya right on up. (so proceed with caution cause it´s a tear-jerking experience!)

I have grown to love making eye contact with people and just telling them to their soul that God has provided a more excellent way...a way of hope and love and repentance. It´s the best. I love being the Lord´s representative and messenger of such hope to the searching souls here in Chile. It´s an experience that has changed me for the eternities. And I will be eternally grateful.

And Number 2: Don´t murmur. Murmuring in any form...against a comment a leader says, against a rule that someone has made, against the decision of a close person, against a cloudy day....(in any way!) is the slippery slope that Satan has put so slyly in front of our feet. Anda con cuidado, de verdad!

My goal now is to never be a murmurer...I wanna be a Nefi. "Y el Señor te favorecerá porque no has murmurado" (1 Nefi 3:6).

Always be humble and let the good times role!

Love always and always,

Hermana Abigail Page

Leaders in the mission/ at Leadership training with her new companion!

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