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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Elder Zachary Page

Hello everyone!
That is awesome about President Rasmussen, I heard about all of that this week and wondered if Matt knew either him or his wife, so awesome!!!
Well, this week was pretty crazy, Last week we heard an awesome fireside by Elder Patrick Kearon of the Seventy, it was super awesome and I learned so much. That is where one of my challenges this week comes from, he told us that "If we are inviting others to come into the refuge from the storm, we have to LOOK like we come from a refuge!" It makes so much sense, so this week I challenge you all to look as if you come from a refuge in this world of sin and sorrow. Look happy!!! Smile!!! Carry his image in your countenace always so that way people can SEE with their eyes that we are different. Carry yourself as if you are ALWAYS walking in sunlight! So, last Sunday I asked Elder Bennion to give me a blessing to help with all of the Nightmares that I have been having. He gave me an amazing blessing and I haven't had a nightmare since...except on about a clown chasing me trying to break my leg, but other than that my really bad nightmares have stopped. :) I know that it was through faith and the power of the priesthood that I am sleeping better now! It is so amazing! It was even crazier when right after I got my blessing, Elder Benson said right as I stood up, Elder Page, I need a blessing. I asked him what for and he said it was because of Japanese Afterwards Elder Benson told me that I hadn't said one thing in the blessing about Japanese. I was a little confused and I apologized, but then he cut me off and said, "I didn't actually need help in Japanese, I needed help with something else I didn't want to tell you about and you spent the whole blessing addressing that issue when you had no idea." It was pretty crazy and it strengthened my testimony of the priesthood and of the spirit so much!
We had our last English TRC last Thursday which means that from here on out we are full Japanese! It is taking it to a whole different level of difficulty but I know that the Lord will not only help me, but he will help all of the missionaries if they do not stress, they work hard, and have faith in the power of the Holy Ghost. I learned from another fireside the coolest thing ever too! I learned that "when we face trials that are NOT the result of disobedience, they are because the Lord feels as if we are prepared to grow, and so he blesses us with trials so that we can go from where we are, to where he wants us to be." I think that is just the coolest thing ever! The Lord shows his confidence and trust in us when he hits us with hard times! Knowing that the Lord has that confidence in me just makes me want to work even harder to prove to him that his confidence was not misplaced. I learned that the growth process is significantly increased when we will simply turn to the Lord and allow him to shape us! How awesome is that!?!? On Sunday I taught the District Meeting and I taught about Charity. My second challenge to you all it to watch the talk by President Monson called "Have I Done Any Good?" Then read Moroni 7, and ponder in your hearts the true meaning of charity and how we achieve that. You will be surprised what you will learn! Charity is the most important attribute we can all have! Christ was the perfect example of Charity, and we are all striving to be like Christ, therefore we are living our entire lives striving to have Charity! We really do need all other Christ like attributes such as faith, humility, diligence, hope, selflessness, joy, and so many more JUST so that we can have charity. it is the point of the pyramid of all that we are striving to become. I know that as we draw closer to God and STRIVE to have charity, pure love, continually in our hearts, that our joy will increase more than we can understand now. I have had another solid week everybody, some people in my district are having a tough time though so pray for my district and pray for me that I might be able to help them in all ways that the Lord needs me to. I love you all so much, have a wonderful week and when we face a frown, remember the great knowledge that we are blessed with and let that happiness light up your countenance!!!
Your Son and Missionary, Elder Zachary Taylor Page

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