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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Another week at the MTC

Hey Everybody, thanks so much for the email mom, it was really nice to read. I am glad you had a great birthday and I hope you made a ton of happy memories. I guess it is good to hear about Abbs hitting it off with Garrison, just make sure you keep an eye on him for me or else I might have to take down that state champion wrestler!! :) haha yeah right!
I had a pretty eventful week. Standing at the end of it I am doing great as usual, but there have been several test and trials for sure. The spirit brought comfort to me in a time where I was feeling very low. I know that the Lord answered my humble prayer and he does so for all of us. I learned a very valuable lesson through this experience. I recognized more fully that the relationship that matters more than all others is our VERY PERSONAL relationship with our Savior. What he knows about you and what we know about ourselves trumps all others. Nobody else in this world can take your faith from you, you ALWAYS have the choice to be offended and let satan steal the spirit, or to turn unto Christ and be perfected in him. It was a great learning experience for me. This week we went full japanese and it was pretty tough, but with it came many blessings.
I taught for the first time in Japanese and it was a truly wonderful experience, the spirit really is the most important thing, no matter what language you are speaking(or trying to speak). :) I learned this week that in Japan, it is polite, and encouraged to SLURP ALL OF YOUR FOOD!!!!!!! YAYY!!!! I am super excited about that one because you all know how much I love that sound! I figured that Jordan more than anybody would appreciate that knowledge! Maybe I will come home and NOT want to kill him every time he eats cerial! :oD
Mamma, just a note, don't forget about sending me all of my extra toothpaste and deoderant before I leave here, don't forget, Aqua Reef is my old spice smell! :)
Christopher said the opening prayer of the MTC devo the other night and he prayed in english like we are supposed to, but then he ended the prayer "en el nobre de JesuCriso Amen." HAHAHA It was so hilarious that everybody, even the leaders chuckled. I was so proud of my cousin. :)
Let me think, In Gym, I organized my district to play volleyball against our blood enemies...the Koreans!! Haha, it was really fun and we totally won. Everybody in my district was laughing at me because I talked so loud and so much during the game, I guess that is what I get for playing soccer all those years, communication is the key to any team sport!
My challenge to you all this week is to read and study the Book of Enos. I did that this week and there are countless lessons about prayer, faith, and peace in that one small book. After this week Enos is definitely one of my favorites. :)
I love you all, this gospel is so true. Strive every day to be better than the day before. Let the Atonement of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ Transform us all.
With all of my love, until next week. -Elder Zachary Taylor Page

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7 Pages Long (Steve & Lisa) said...

I love this boy too! It has been wonderful to see the growth that he has experienced in such a short time.

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