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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Weeks winding down in MTC

Hello everybody!
Thanks so much for the email mom, it is great to hear how things are going back home. It is good to hear about Prom and everything, Marissa said that Abby was so excited for it and I am sure going with Garrison made it all the better. And duh she was the prettiest girl there!!! That's my girl!!!! I got my tape player in the mail and have already started on a tape, it is about 20 mintues long right now, just introducing everybody and stuff. It feels weird to talk to a tape, but once you get past the intial awkwardness it is really fun!! I will send you a cassette soon, You should tell Marissa to get one so that you guys can send it to her when you are done!! :)
Anyways, my week has been crazy. It was totally solid and stuff, but it was CRAZY! Both of my companions got ill, Kendall had insomnia and is on medication, and Benson got the Flu and had to go into Missionary quarentine! We didn't see him for almost three days. So my companions were sick and so they were constantly in and out of isolation and i spent a chunk of the week with Elder Tukukino and Elder Maris in a threesome with them. Tukukino is a great bud to me and so is Maris so that was great.
A crazy awesome story, on Thursday, my companions were out of commision and so i was with Tuk and Maris, we have the TRC that day and so i planned to teach the Plan of Salvation with them all day. Ten minutes before we teach Elder Kendall came out of isolation and we had to teach with ZERO planning. It was pretty scary and VERY humbling to go into a japanese lesson with no prep. We said a prayer and went in there fully on faith and it went so well!! For the second week in a row I have turned my heart over to the spirit while teaching and I have recieved the gift of tongues! My teacher said he was very impressed with how well we spoke and i know it was because we opened our mouths with faith and the Lord filled them. The spirit is an amazing thing and I know that if we have that power with us then we can do whatever the Lord requires.
Also, on Saturday, Benson had to pic up medicine from the Rite Aid in Provo so I got the rid in a Van out side the MTC! It was really weird to be honest, after 9 weeks of seeing nothing of the outside world, driving right past my old apartment was pretty crazy.
About Japan, we still don't know. Plans have changed since last week. We are no longer going to Tokyo like they told us. There is a lot of talk about moving us to other japanese missions and even of us temporarily going stateside, but nobody really knows. When we find out for sure i will let you know, it should be by next week. At this point, after going through 3 different mission assignments for Tulsa, to Sendai, to Tokyo, to wherever, I am just singing the Song, "I'll go where you want me to go!" :) haha I have faith that the Lord will get me everywhere he needs me to be so I am not worrying about it at all! :o
Mom, we used the squirt guns today on my P-Day! It was pretty funny and i felt like a little kid, which was pretty refreshing amongst all the crazyness last week.
My challenge this week is to study the Book of Mormon, all of you, every single day this week. STUDY it. The converting power of the Book of Mormon only comes when it is read and studied. So this week that is what I want you all to do, study that miraculous book every day. And I want you to start by reading Moroni 7, which is one of the greatest sermons about how to live and find joy in all scripture. Study particularly verse 13 (Good things are inspired of God), verses 26 and 33 (With true and full faith ANYTHING is possible through Christ), and verses 41-46 (the doctrine of Faith, Hope, and Charity). I promise that as you pray and study this chapter, and the scriptures this week, you will find yourself filled with spiritual Power. The Lord promises us that as we study his word we will find peace and strength, and if there is one thing I know it is that God ALWAYS keeps his promises. Of that truth we can always rely.
Well everybody, I love you all so very much, i think of you and pray for you all every single day. Momma, my district said yesterday, "Mamma Page, Send us some cookies!" I think there favorite was the butterscoties. :)
I hope and pray that you all have a wonderful week! I promise that if you build your life on the sure foundation that is Jesus Christ, every day of your life will be filled with a joy that cannot be taken from you. I will let you know about where I am going and when as soon as I can. I love you all, every single person who reads these words has my love and faith, Press Forward always and have Faith and I promise that all will be well, in good times and in hard.
Till next week!!
Elder Zachary Taylor Page

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