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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Elder Matthew Page

Hey, How is everyone doing? This week was a long week. We've been looking for new investigators all week with no luck. We've been knocking, contacting on campus and working with the members for referrals. The members are the ones that we need the most help from. It is so true with out the members the missionaries are hindered.
I have just felt alittle discouraged. I just don't know what to do all the time. Please continue to pray that we will find people.
I am doing good with watching what I eat. :) I'm hoping to keep my weight down. I went running this week. I finally was able to get my companion out, he rode his bike while I ran. It was really good.
While contacting on campus we contacted into a spanish speaking student, so I get to use my spanish a little. I have realize how bad it really is. I wish I could use it more.
Oh yeah, guess what I found out! THe lady who works in the front office in the institute building, Sis Rassmensen. Her and her husband got a mission call to the be mission president. They are going to be Zach's new mission president! Crazy huh! I told them to keep an eye out for Elder Page :)
Thursday we had meetings, I got to see Elder Kinsey. He is doing really good. On thurs. al so campus they put up a huge ramp and filled it with snow and made a snow board ramp. It was pretty cool. It's getting warmer here already. This sunday was good. We got a referral, so hopefullly we will have some member referrals in the coming week.
We are going hiking today, so that should be fun. I love you all
Love Matt

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