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Thursday, March 10, 2011

University of Arizona

Elder Matthew Page is doing well. This week he writes about his experiences with the lack of finding people to teach. They have been doing alot of work with the members to get them more involved in the process. Some wards are doing better than others. " I feel hopeful in what lies ahead. We had a mission fast on sunday. We are as a mission trying to double the number of baptisms. It felt so good on Sunday. I love the sacrament! I feel the spirit and peace of becoming sanctified and renewed by my covenants with the Lord." What a wonderful reminder of what the sacrament can do for us every sunday.
He has been trying to loose some weight. This week he said " We have been running alot this week. This morning me and another Elder (Elder Carter) went running with Elder Belk and Elder Carter's companion. They rode bikes while we ran. We ran 7 miles! It was so good! SAY GOODBYE DOUBLE CHIN! :)" I could not help but laugh when I read that. Oh the struggle with weight!!!!

He closes his letter by saying, "I've been just enjoying my time as a missionary though. Just meeting the members (who are great!) and just talking to people. Despite my lack of success I feel like I can still have joy. I will continue to strive to put in a little bit more and pray for the Lord's help. I haven't had much success, baptism wise, my whole mission, but I just want to focus on the good I am doing. :)" What a wonderful thing he is learning. I am so proud of him and know that he is working hard and doing his best to serve the Lord and his people there in Arizona.

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