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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Finding for Dayz...

Hello Everyone,

So I'm gonna have to make this email a little shorter
because I'm using a softer that's as old as I am and its taking forever
to send anything, but this week was Awesome so I'll throw in the

With this being the first week on bikes Elder Prisbrey and
I figure the work was going to slow down a bit, but I guess the Lord
had other Plans. This week was full of Lessons with investigators,
meetings with families from the ward, finding new people to teach and
service! I cant describe the feelings of satisfaction, yet complete
absence of energy at the end of each day. I really seen the Lord
strengthen me when I've felt like the heat, the bike riding, the
appointments were just going to be too much. As I've prayed for help,
for energy and the strength, I have received it. At the end of everyday
when I lay my head down I think, how the heck Am I gonna get up
tomorrow and do this all over again, and when I wake up the next day,
I'm able to do just that. I know That the Lord is on Our right and on
our left as long as we are willing to receive his help and his

Well, my time actually just ended here at the library...
darnit! I think that that what I have said has summed up the week
simply though. I will have to give detailed update next week, but know
that I am well, I'm in Love with Missionary work, and I am increasing
in my faith everyday! Until next time... Godspeed!

Love, Elder Page

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