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Monday, September 14, 2015

A new transfer, and new country...

Bordida, or good morning is Welsh! I am so excited to say that I am going
to serve with sister Barlow in Wrexham, which is in Wales. It's great to
know I am needed there and that there are people who need to hear my
testimony and that I'll be able to serve them. I'm grateful for a new
chapter in my mission, and I'm just plain excited! It is quite hard to
leave Stretford after being here since April, it's become like a home, just
like southport. Even leaving sister Larsen is sad because I just love her!
Bless, we've had so much fun serving with one another and have really felt
that this transfer was meant to be. I also really feel that even though I
feel like I could always do more, I feel I've done what I was sent here to
do. I feel complete if that makes sense, and I know I'm supposed to move to
the great land of Wales!

This past week I was able to go on exchange with sister Kretschmann, from
Düsseldorf Germany. It was so so fun, and she is just lovely to put it
simply. Whilst on exchange we had the opportunity to serve our good friend
Daniel who is very sick. Turns out when we went to visit him with brother
Bob and sister Munday, his bed frame had just collapsed so he had been
sleeping on the couch. Amazingly enough, sister Mundays tenant had just
bought a new bed, so she had an extra double bed! So we set off to go bring
the bed to Daniels. Brother bobs car is really tiny, so for it to fit a
double bed is unlikely, but somehow it needed to happen so before we moved
anything, we offered a prayer and pled for Gods help. MiraculousLy, the
whole bed fit as well as brother Bob! Haha it was a miracle! Then the rest
of us traveLed by bus to danileam and put the bed together and got rid of
his old one. It may seem silly, but my testimony and faith in prayer grew
so much that day. Heavenly Father really does want us to weary Him with our

On Friday we taught Gavin with the Browns and we were slightly nervous for
this lesson because we were planning to teach the word of wisdom because he
has a problem with it. So we start of talking about our purpose here on
earth and then on to the Saviors atonement, and then we both start trying
to weave in the word of wisdom. Eventually I just came right out with it,
and Gavin just completely agreed with everything, but he didn't just take
my word, he went on to explain why he felt it was right! I love that he is
devolving a testimony right before our eyes, I really feel so. Then sister
Larsen challenged him to stop doing the thing he struggles with, and he
said yes. Then the browns swooped in with testifying of the power of prayer
to overcome anything and it was just great. Oh I am so very greatful for my
Father in Heaven, and Him allowing me to serve Him and teach Him children.

So on Saturday I was very blessed to really feel like an instrument in Gods
hands and completely unified with my companion. I'm not saying this to
boast, I'm saying this because I am so so greatful that God has allowed me
to be His instrument in the work. As missionaries, sometimes we have really
hard days where it seems like all has failed and we're just better off not
trying, but it's days like Saturday that make it all worth it. The most
memorable moment was when sister Larsen and I were teaching Will, whom she
had met whilst we were doing a street display on Oxford road. Well he had
some pretty tough questions concerning the Book of Mormon, but all I knew
was that the Book was true, so I bore my testimony of the saviour visiting
the Americas and then there was a pause, and all he said was "I guess I'll
have to read it now". It was a powerful lesson where our companionship
unity came to show and we were able to have God literally put words into
our mouths. I love the saying "whom God calls, He qualifies".

Have a good week, love you all!
Sister Miller

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