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Monday, October 5, 2015


Hello everyone, it's been such a wonderful week here in Wrexham, I am continually learning and growing and still loving serving with sister Barlow! The members here are so wonderful and helpful, but also super funny. There's one family here that likes to give missionaries nicknames, and I got one this week, "ct". Haha I've been sick this past week and I was talking to this member about it and she said, "oh you might have a case of the cat throat" and I totallllllly believed her! So then my Wrexham nickname has become cat throat haha.

We went on exchange this past week and I was with sister black in Wrexham! Haha all I can say is that is was just so fun,we saw miracles, and loved serving with each other again! I love her to bits. I also was reminded to always be yourself in finding and teaching, because that is how our lights can shine clearly for others to see.

Also we're teaching this cute family, or at least we're trying to! The sisters met Fay before I got here but haven't really taught her much. So we had an appointment to see her Friday evening, but sadly everything had basically gone wrong for her that day. As she explained to us the myriad of things that were going on in her life, I just felt a love for her and knew that she was a daughter of God. I was also greatful that she trusted us and felt that we could help her. We just stood at her doorstep to chat for like three minutes and rescheduled to see her next week. I absolutely love my companion because when we were back in the street she said "we need to get them chocolate!" Haha so we went to the co-op and bought loads of different chocolate that her and her kids would enjoy, then we sneakily left it in their doorstep, and then made our way home. I felt so so good after this! Haha it may seem silly, but this simple act just built up my testimony that we really aren't here on our missions for us, we're here to serve and love as Christ would.

We're doing loads of finding, but honestly it's giving us such good time to unify in our teaching. Finding with sister Barlow never is dull :) I love you all and hope that you always remember who you and and whose you are!

Sister Miller xx

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