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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Bloom where you are planted...

I have learned a lot this week, I have loved it, and I haven't loved it haha but through it all I can feel the Lord using me and stretching me and I am so greatful for that!

This past week we did a lot of service for members, we painted fences, we walked dogs, and we just served. I just love how when we serve it truly brings us out of ourselves. I also love the joy on peoples faces as you serve. But something I have come to appreciate even more is how members serve throughout their weeks as well. In my previous wards I've seen this too, but it's finally clicked! The members truly are instruments in the hands of God as they serve their fellow brothers and sisters, and even us missionaries! A perfect example of that would be last night, we were completely stuck waaaay out in this villiage called Chirk. Whilst in Chrik we called by a former friend, who welcomed us in with open arms. Fay, is a single mum raising 4 children, and attending uni! She is absolutely lovely and we set up a time to come see her this coming Friday. Long story short, there weren't any buses. so we called our relief society president, Emma, and she was there to pick us up within 30 minutes. Like always we say thank you and show our love, but I just don't think that many people realize what an effect they have on us missionaries! How so many members serve so selflessly, everywhere, is amazing. And I am beyond greatful for all of those who have helped me and my companions.

We don't have a huge pool of friends (we're now calling investigators, friends), yet. We've been doing lots of finding, which is never dull! My favourite moment this week has to have been when we were doing a street display with our district. I said hello to this man and his daughter (Henry & Camellia, who is 6) and immediately Camellia runs up to me to show me her ear, which she had just gone to a&e for. Then she started to ask me who I was and then asked what book I was holding. The whole time henry was just watching me tell her about the Book of Mormon using the pictures. Then I asked Henry what he thought, and he said that he really wanted to learn more. Before I could ask Camellia gave me their address and we parted ways. they actually live in Birkenhead, but I know the missionaries there will take good care of them! Something I have come to realize again, is that where we are, we are needed. Someone needs us, and our talents and testimony. I love that and so my saying for the week has become, "bloom where you're planted".

sorry if this is suuuper long-winded, I just had to get all the details in! I love you all and please take care!

Love Sister Miller

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