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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Burnin In the Bosom...

The past week has gone consistently well. Elder Prisbrey and I are still as tight as ever. We have been able to have a lot of spiritual experiences that have brought us closer and have helped us appreciate companionship unity a lot more. We honestly are like brothers. It's awesome to have a companion that you can trust 100% and have full confidence in.

We know that the Lord has recently been able to use us as instruments in his hands to further his work along. We were able to teach our investigator Daleen this week. She is still doing Great! We read the Book of Enos with her in hopes that she would feel the spirit and better understand how important prayer is. It was a good read throughout, but we weren't sure if she was really "feelin it" until we got to the last verse in Enos where it talks about "meeting our maker" and I Knew as soon as Daleen read that that she felt the spirit hardcore, because I felt it, We both looked up and she was crying. Before I could ask, "did you feel that?" she just said, "Wow... I think that's what God feels like" It was a sweet experience for all of us.

The scriptures Never fail to help us all feel the spirit and Gods Love. Because they are True, the Holy Ghost will testify Every time with out fail. I also had the chance to go on two different exchanges this week with some of the missionaries from the District and they went really well. It's Always a neat experience spending a day with a missionary that's not actually your full-time companion. But There is Always something learned after spending that time together. I can honestly say I Love each and every elder in the District. We're definitely an odd bunch of missionaries, but we all bring something special to the table and it's so awesome being able to serve so closely with friends.

Last night we had a cool experience with a girl named Lauren. Lauren is a younger lady and she has a little 2 year old daughter. Right now she is looking for a better job, she is really tired in every sense of the word and she has just been looking for something more to help her take care of her daughter and provide for her. We had talked with her briefly in the past but last night we got to take a good 20 minutes and just talk about Gods plan for her and how understanding what God wants for all of his children can bring a lot of peace into our lives and give us more direction no matter what it may be whether its work, school, family. She felt the spirit and is willing to do more to have that feeling she said, so we will be going back to see her later this week.

Overall, missionary work is Legit, and doing it brings a joy that is sweeter than Cherry Pie! I Love It, its amazing that day after day, it can and has only gotten better. That right there is a testimony to me that it's true. I'm Doing Well, I'm praying for all yall, and hope things are going well. Always remember that prayer is the way we can talk to and hear from Heavenly Father.

Until Next Week... Godspeed!

Love, Elder Page

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