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Monday, September 14, 2015

Called to serve...

This week has been jam packed full of service, as in both physical and spiritual service.
Elder Prisbrey and I did our fair share of moving this week. We helped the mission nurse (My Grandma away from home) Sister Adams, into her new home. It was nice to be able to help her for a change because usually she's the one breaking her back to take care of all us missionaries and our weird illnesses.

We then were able later on in the week help a new family that just moved in move into their house. Their from Washington State and look like they'll be one of my favorite families. Their names are the Davies's. Brother Davies is originally from Washington, while sister Davies is from Germany, they met while brother Davies was serving his mission in Germany, and after two years he went back and they soon got married. They're an awesome family, they have 10 kids but their all moved out now.

Missions are the best, especially when you can feed both the body and the spirit, and so being able to help people both physically and spiritually is the greatest thing to me. You can truly enjoy doing one without the other. Which leads me to the spiritual adventures of this week.

We were able to have some members join us for lessons this week which is Always good. There's just something about a member bearing testimony that brings a spirit that can't always be received when it's just us missionaries teaching. This work isn't the missionaries work, it's the Lord's work, and so as we as followers of Christ work together the power and spirit of it is all the better.

Our investigator Daleen came to church yesterday. I think Ive gained a whle new appreciation for church talks and revelation to the bishopric in deciding who gives talks on what. EVERYTHING that was spoken on during sacrament Meeting was exactly what Daleen Needed to hear, and the spirit was what she needed to feel. Elder Prisbrey and I just kept looking at each other and smiling because we knew the Lord knew what Daleen needed and was able to work through the bishopric and the speakers to deliver the message she needed to hear.

The week ended on an awesome note, because the mission home, hosted by president and sister Tew put on a fireside for all the missionaries, their investigators and recent converts in the stake. The current stake president (who is a convert) spoke about his conversion story and it was awesome. We were able to help a recent convert in the ward get to the fireside and he loved it. His name is Lee and he is pushin 80, and just got baptized about 6-7 months ago. He is so dedicated to the Gospel. Every time we go by his house to visit him, he takes us by his neighbors to talk with them and share the gospel with them. They all know us by name now, so its pretty funny.

Overall it's been a good week full of little experiences here and there, letting me Know that this is where I need to be and that I'm doing good here in Long Beach. Just remember that Heavenly Father sees us as who we not only can, But Will become, With his help. Always trust him and his timing. I'm having to learn to trust and just go with it out here, and it's pretty freeing, knowing that everything will be good with the help, with the love and with the security of The Lord.

I Love Yall! I Miss ya too. I'll be praying you this week. Until next time...

Love, Elder Page

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