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Monday, May 18, 2015

Put your shoulder to the wheel...

I would like to start off by saying I have a very vivid memory of singing "put your shoulder to the wheel" in sunday school with Bishop Watson, and I really loved that class!

This week was a good one, but honestly it was hard. On Wednesday I just felt so low. I had this awful feeling in my heart and just didn't know where it was from. It literally felt like a pit in my chest. So, knowing that it should be temporary, I knew that just keeping working would help more than hurt. I told Sister Andersen what I was feeling, and she just listened, she really is the kindest person! But I would like to let you know that the horrible feeling I had in my heart just dissipated as I kept working. As I put away what I was feeling and remembered who I was and why I'm here, everything else just worked out. Missionary work is full of ups and downs, but we can't have the good without the bad.

Also at zone meeting, the main focus was on purifying our heart. And so in order to do so, they invited us to follow the example of the Michigan Lansing mission, and make a list and pray over it every day for 40 days for help and strength to overcome my weaknesses and purify my heart. Also I think sometimes we have to start with the small and simple things first, so I had noticed that I would go around the flat without my name tag on and only wear it if we were going out. I realized that this could probably be better, SO I decided to wear my name tag ALL the time! Even when I go to bed!
Also this week, we've just had the best lessons with Mark! We're really trying to help him make it to baptism, and the best thing is that he takes it so seriously! He really wants to make sure that this is the thing that God wants him to do, not just what he wants to do. We're helping him to learn how to pray and receive answers to his prayers. This week as well we visited Peter again, and honestly, he is so interesting! He is very open to believing in a God, but is skeptical. He's had wonderful spiritual experiences, but is also very weary. I think something that helps when we visit him is just bearing our testimonies, that really is just the best thing we can do. He really listens and we really listen to him.

And one more person, Vicky! She is a miracle! She's a momma of two sweet little girls. We met her dad a few weeks ago, and he wasn't too interested, but somehow his heart was soft enough for us to share a Book of Mormon with him and to get a return address. We went back and he said that he hadn't read it. Then we went back a week later, and his daughter had opened the door. She asked if we were the ones who left the book, and she told us that she actually really liked it. We've been meeting with her once a week now for 3 weeks, and she's honestly flying through the Book of Mormon. She is so wonderful, and we can't wait to see what will happen :) I'm so sorry my emails are all over the place, but I'm just overall grateful for the experiences I'm having on my mission, they're shaping and changing me every day for the better.

Love you all so very much!

Sister Miller

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