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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Mothers Day....

There are so many women that I could pay tribute to for being great mothers but I just need to pay tribute to two today...Mothers are women who love you unconditionally, and show it through selfless acts of service and quiet gestures of kindness, simply a touch of the hand, or the perfect scratch from perfectly manicured hand (that was my Mom, every time I sat next to her) I miss those moments of affection and love from her. I find myself doing those very same acts of love that my mom did for me to my children. Oh how I miss her.

But I still have a mother close by who loves me just the same, unconditionally and shows me with simple acts of service and one who remembers me in her prayers. I have benefitted from those pleas to our Heavenly Father on more than one occasion.

I just want to say thank you to those two beautiful mothers that I have been blessed with, I feel the love of my mother often, so grateful that the veil is thin and I can feel her near at times, and I am so grateful that I still have one here with me to give me hugs when I need them.

Happy Mothers Day Mom and Myra

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