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Monday, May 11, 2015

I have no idea what to title this...

We had such a busy week, and me and Sister Andersen (you say it like Ann-er-sen) have just settled in so well together. She is caring, kind, and motivating! She is so sweet, and something that I learned from my trainer is to always end the day on a good note, so she always told me my greatest strength for the day. I've carried on that tradition, and now when I tell Sister Andersen her strength, she really takes the time to listen and accept the compliment, and she also tells me my strength. The love that is in our companionship is a testimony to me, that as we love one another that the spirit will be with us and we'll teach in unity.

We saw so many miracles this week! For one, Mark is progressing! We met with him this week with Brother Bob and Brother Stan, and throughout the lesson Mark was trying to see how these things can help him in his life. We then got a text after expressing sincere desire to know how this could help him in his life. We told him that of course it would help, and that it will give him the tools that he needs to come out of this life on top :) He even came to church! It just was so natural for him to be there, and he even said that he'd be back next Sunday! I just love when people feel the happiness of this gospel! Because honestly, this gospel is HAPPINESS! PURE happiness. There is no other way to describe it but BRIGHT.

Also there's this member, Brother Bob, who is an avid missionary. He's sometimes the third member of our companionship haha. So we visited this man who we've visited before. The first time we visited him, he went on about how if he could see a sign, then he'd be the most faithful believer and member. We were kind of stuck as to what to do, but we saw potential in him. So we went back last night, and he started to talk about the same thing he did last time, but then Brother Bob suggested that we would all bear our testimonies to him, and that he could just listen and see if he felt anything, and promised him that he would. I was honestly quite worried at this point for basically promising this man a miracle, but I knew that if I exercised my faith, then it could happen. So one by one, we bore a fervent testimony, and then ended in prayer. After we asked "did you feel anything?" The mans son said no, but then the man just paused and said "A-U...that's the chemical symbol for gold...gold? Gold paper...?" HE GOT A SIGN! (I honestly had to pick my jaw back off the floor from being in shock!) We told him that what had just been impressed upon his mind was the GOLD plates that the Book of Mormon was written on by the former prophets! We then talked to him a bit about the Book of Mormon, and we left him with a paper copy of the "gold plates". We will be seeing that man, Peter, later this week.

I know that God is a God of miracles, and that He is always aware of us and those around us. He really does care about us. I love this work. I love serving with Sister Andersen, and I'm also so greatful for the members in Stretford, I know without them we wouldn't get very far.

Remember to say your prayers, I love y'all SO much!

Sister Miller

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