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Monday, August 4, 2014

BeDtImE sToRiEs...

Once upon a time, in a far away land se llama La Serena, there once were two brave princesses named Page y Mori. They had been searching high and low for "the chosen one". The one that had been promised to them by the wise scorcerer (Presidente). Far and long, high and low, left and right they searched trying to find the special soul. But on and on they went without any trace of the person. Without even a hint or clue of how to recognize the chosen one, they began to lose hope that they could be the ones to accomplish the task. "How can it be" they said. "Maybe the scorcerer was wrong...maybe we weren´t meant to find the chosen one.." But either way, with some of the last drops of hope, they went. Looking even harder. Knocking every castle door, searching in every pasture, talking to every peasant and prince and knight that passed them on their path.
One day, when passing through a familiar path that the two princesses usually used to arrive in town, there was a young maid outside a cottage washing out the stagecouch. Not thinking too much about the young lady, they gave a friendly hello and kept walking. Not 4 steps after crossing in front of the young woman, Page and Mori were brought to a hault in the path. Their feet could not go another step. "Turn around" said a voice. "Talk to the maid. What do you have to lose?" So without trying to overthink the still voice, Page and Mori turned and began to talk to the woman. She asked what their purpose on their path was and where were they going. They replied that they were pricesses on a noble quest to find the chosen one..the soul that could become the heir to the kingdom. The young maid, intriged in how two ladies so young would embark on such an errand, began to question the reasoning of the two princesses. With a flicker of hope, Page and Mori, invited the maid to the castle in order to explain the purpose of the quest more clearly. The maid, Francisca, began to come to the castle frequently (and Page and Mori traveled to her cottage as well) to learn about the kingdom, the quest, and the chosen one. After a few visits, Page and Mori told the Francisca that they believed her to be the chosen one..the one from the fortune of the sorcerer. Doubting herself, but also trusting in the princesses, the Francisca did not know what she should do. "Ask the king" Page and Mori told her.

A few days went by as Francisca wrote a correspondence to the king and waited for her response..explaining her feelings, her thoughts, her doubts, her desires.

One day Page and Mori, hopefully that by then the king had sent a response to Francisca, headed towards her cottage to see if she was ready to accept her title as the chosen heir. When they arrived, the Francisca sat them down at the small table. With the fireplace crackling and the hearts of Page and Mori pounding, Francisca said "I recieved my reply from the king. And I have my answer..........I am ready."

Rejoicing was had throughout the kingdom as the royal court planned the correlacion and the ball to celebrate! When the day arrived, Francisca, nervous but ready, took on her title of heir to the kingdom and realized for herself that she was indeed chosen...special...the Princess of a King.

And from that moment on, the Princesses Page and Mori followed on with other quests and the Francisca resumed her training to one day become queen.

And they all lived happily ever after.

Love always and always,

Hermana Abigail Page

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