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Monday, August 25, 2014

Moroni 7:45-48

Hello Family!!!!
I can't believe its already been another week! Thank You for the emails and pictures! Its so Nice to see everybody's faces. Im So excited for Katie! Holy Crap! I can't believe she's leaving this week! I know that she is going to love the mtc and that the work she'll do in England is gonna be unparallelled. There are people there for her and only her to find and to give the restored gospel of Jesus Christ to. They are waiting, and you are going to be the one to bring Christ into their lives. I'm just really excited for you Katie and can't wait to hear how England is! Btw, I am going to need the address of the Manchester Mission home, Thanks! Well, this week has been Great, it really has.

Me & Elder Blasko are really becoming united as companions and teaching by the spirit. It's a good thing that the Holy Ghost is a perfect teacher, because we definitely are not. I am building relationships with the members, and I think they're starting to like me. It's really nice to have members of the ward to lean on and work with. The ward I'm in is awesome and the bishop is one of the nicest and funniest guys I've ever met (He's Samoan). I plan on buying a banana for Viper (the nice homeless Cambodian man) today so that this week I can give him it when I see him. Hopefully I can get a picture with him too so you guys can see him.

Something I've learned this week that has really helped me as a new missionary is that you dont have to know everything. Me and Elder Sipes, one of the other elders that shares the ward with me and Elder Blasko, taught relief society and it was all about sharing your testimony with others. When we were teaching them, I was enlightened by the spirit and I felt so much peace and comfort from what I learned. I shared with the sisters that, as a missionary AND as everyday members, Our job isn't to know everything. We don't have to be eloquent, or perfect teachers, we may not know the scriptures forwards and back, and we may even be awkward when it comes to people (in my own case), But you know what, what I have learned since I've been on my mission is that as long as we have a testimony, and we can share it simply, the spirit will do the rest. People will remember the spirit when it was strongest, not when being taught the Creation, or about prophets, or The Book of Mormon, but when you bear a sincere, heartfelt testimony of these things. That's what changes peoples hearts. That's when the spirit will be strongest. And I've learned and seen since I've been on my mission that I don't know A lot, and it's been pretty discouraging at times, but the facts, scriptures, and ability to teach will come in time. It will come as I study and feed the testimony that I already have. And this applies to all of us, everyone of us that has the gospel in our lives. I guess to put it simply, It Is okay if we don't know everything, our job is to allow the gospel to change us so we can bear simple, powerful, and personal testimony of these things and show people how the gospel has truly changed our lives. So yep, thats probably the biggest lesson I learned this week.

So, me and Elder Blasko were visiting some formers this week and we met a man named Frank Facio. He saw my name and said he knew an Elder Page once. He said that he knew a Dallin Page!!!!! I told him that he is my brother and it was crazy! Apparently Dallin was the first missionary Frank had ever met, and since then he moved from Irvine to Long Beach and has been meeting with missionaries off and on. He asked how Dallin was doing and I told him Great and that he just had a beautiful little girl named Scarlet :) The connection was crazy. Anyway, we are gonna start meeting with Frank and his wife and kids. We'll see what happens. All I know is that NO mission assignment is by chance. The Lord chose me to come to This mission, just as it was for Dallin and Matt and Zach and Abby and now Katie and all of the missionaries out now or have ever served missions or who will ever serve missions. The Lord knows us personally, the missionary and the investigator.

I'm running out of time so I have to go, but I Love You Guys Soooo Much! I hope this email wasn't too "all over the place", I'm trying, haha. But I miss you all and am looking forward to next week! Keep doing what y'all are doing, I feel the love and the prayers. Thank You. I am praying for each of you guys everyday!

Until next time.
Love, Elder Page

p.s. We were watching the district this week as part of my 12 wk program and Sister Sabin was in it! In the district 1 which took place in San Antonio had sister sabin in it! It was pretty crazy, just thought Id let you guys know that.Pretty cool.

This is Frank Facio with Elder Dallin Page on his mission!

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