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Monday, August 11, 2014

(sin tema especifico​)

The truth is..that sometimes I don´t know what to write. There are a million things and experiences or feelings that are in my head, and I wanna share them all! But obviously time is my enemy so I won´t be able to go on rabbling for too long. But seriously, I´m better at rabbling out my feeling than typing them out (like you all are fully aware).

I guess I´ll just say that I love my Savior. I love that His atonement isn´t conditional. It´s infinite. And it doesn´t matter how many times we mess up, or how many times we fall down, or how many times we feel lost...there He is..waiting patiently for us. Sometimes I literally imagine walking on a path next to Christ...walkin walkin walkin, when suddenly we look over to the side and we get distracted by a butterfly or a plane or superman or whatever and we take a "short cut of doom" into the woods by the path. And Christ tries to talk us out of it, pleading us to keep walking with Him cause we will get to "grandma´s house" soon. But us, being tan porfiados, we ignore Him and go into the woods... and then after falling and getting lost and scraped up, we make it back to the path again, and there is Christ...waiting patiently right where we left Him, and he stretches his hand out to us and says "...yeah, are you ready to keep going?". Without anger, without giving us guilt, without chewing us out for being tan tonto. Nada de eso! Just lovingly accepting us and helping us to "keep on swimming".

How awesome is Christ´s love?? Goodness, it just blows my mind sometimes :) I love Him so much, and I am so glad and grateful from the time He has given me to lovingly explain and demonstrate a portion of that same love with His children here in Chile.

Another thing...I am so excited for my little peanut!! And I think I´m with dad..cause she´s gonna be born on the 13th! Anniversary of Mom and Dad and my year mark in the mission! 13 is just our number, isn´t it?

But that´s all that I´ve got time for! I love you all a boatload! Give my lil peanut Scarlet lots of love from my part!!!!!!

Until next week!

Love always and always,

Hermana Abigail Page

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