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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

That's what the Gospel of Jesus Christ does...

Hello There Everybody!
This emails gonna be short but I hope its good for those of you who still read my emails. It's been a long week, but very busy. A few day ago the whole zone helped out at a band competition at Long Beach city college. It was pretty fun and entertaining. Elder Prisbrey got burnt to a crisp though along with some others. I've learned from past mistakes and hid in any shade I could find for most of the service. It was cool to be there and be around other people who volunteered and were looking to help out.

Our mission has been focusing a lot lately on just serve projects, just getting us missionaries out amongst the people in the community, serving and setting good examples as members of the church. On another note, we taught Daleen last night, she is doing Great. It was the only time we were able to meet with her this week which was sad, but it's because she's been sick, but she's all good now. We read 2 nephi 31 with her and it was an awesome lesson. We pretty much laid everything out, what she's been doing what she's been taught, how she feels she's changed, and now what she needs to do to reach baptism and the things we still need to teach her. With the spirits help she we set a new baptismal date with her for the 1st of December. The spirit filled the room when she said that date. elder Prisbrey and I both believe as well as Daleen (which is most important) that she can make that date, and we helped her know that God knows she can make it to with his help. It's been a long journey for Daleen but she can definitely see the light at the end of the tunnel. She texted us this morning and described an experience she had while re reading chapter 31. To put it simply she said she hadn't had a spiritual experience as powerful as the one she had today.

I know that Heavenly Father Knows us. He Knows Our VERY Situation and is always there to help us when we need it. The Holy Ghost as we live right, is our constant companion, someone to be there no matter what we may be going through or faced with, the enabling power of the atonement combined with the force of the spirit can and will get us through anything. God Cares about us, and the more I've served my brothers and sisters around me here, I've realized that we are all somewhere on the same path, and as we serve and help and show love and care for everyone, the happier they will be, the happier we will be, and most of all the happier Heavenly Father will be. That's what the gospel of Jesus Christ does, it bring people together. and it brings us closer to the Savior and our loving father in heaven. I know this is the truth! And I love this knowledge, and wouldn't trade it for a thing! The mission is teaching me things everyday, and sometimes it's hard to put down into words but I hope y'all can catch a glimpse of it. I can feel it everyday. Until Next week. Thanks for all the good news! I Love Yall! Be safe and trust in Good things to Come.

Sincerely, Elder Page

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