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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Sister Kate Miller is home...

Sister Miller arrived home last night from her LDS Mission in Manchester, England. It was a bitter sweet reunion, so obviously missing was her sweet mother, Kelli.
Katie's mother passed away last week, so the reason for Katie coming home a bit earlier than planned, but she is where she needs to be and that is with her sisters and
Step father, Macon. She will be a great blessing and comfort to them in the coming days ahead.

She has a very British way about her :) which I think she loved hearing. The loved her mission so much. I look forward to hearing all about in the days and weeks ahead.
We love you Katie and are so proud of you and the good things you have done and will continue to do to serve the Lord and His children. I have to admit I will miss the
weekly emails of all of your experiences and witness your growth. Missionaries are a rare gem, and what they learn from their time of service will serve them for the rest
of their lives.

Keep the faith Katie. My mind goes to the wise words from Elder Jeffery Holland in his talk given in 2013 Lord I Believe

"When doubt or difficulty come, do not be afraid to ask for help. If we want it as humbly and honestly as this father did, we can get it. The scriptures phrase such earnest desire as being of “real intent,” pursued “with full purpose of heart, acting no hypocrisy and no deception before God.”11 I testify that in response to that kind of importuning, God will send help from both sides of the veil to strengthen our belief. I know that God is at all times and in all ways and in all circumstances our loving, forgiving Father in Heaven. I know Jesus was His only perfect child, whose life was given lovingly by the will of both the Father and the Son for the redemption of all the rest of us who are not perfect. I know He rose from that death to live again, and because He did, you and I will also. I know that Joseph Smith, who acknowledged that he wasn’t perfect,15 was nevertheless the chosen instrument in God’s hand to restore the everlasting gospel to the earth. I also know that in doing so—particularly through translating the Book of Mormon—he has taught me more of God’s love, of Christ’s divinity, and of priesthood power than any other prophet of whom I have ever read, known, or heard in a lifetime of seeking. I know that President Thomas S. Monson, who moves devotedly and buoyantly toward the 50th anniversary of his ordination as an Apostle, is the rightful successor to that prophetic mantle today. We have seen that mantle upon him again in this conference. I know that 14 other men whom you sustain as prophets, seers, and revelators sustain him with their hands, their hearts, and their own apostolic keys.

These things I declare to you with the conviction Peter called the “more sure word of prophecy.”16 What was once a tiny seed of belief for me has grown into the tree of life, so if your faith is a little tested in this or any season, I invite you to lean on mine. I know this work is God’s very truth, and I know that only at our peril would we allow doubt or devils to sway us from its path. Hope on. Journey on. Honestly acknowledge your questions and your concerns, but first and forever fan the flame of your faith, because all things are possible to them that believe."

We love you Katie and pray for you and your family.

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