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Monday, October 5, 2015

What a week...

I honestly don't know where to begin for this week. I guess with conference since that's fresh in my mind. Conference for me this weekend was inspiring to say the least. It's so nice to just look forward to conference more and more every session every year! I don't know if I had a favorite talk but I know that there was much to be learned from those who spoke. After listening to the 3 new apostles speak I had originally planned to take some notes but I realized after they had all spoken I hadn't taken any notes, I think because I was just so focused on the words coming out of their mouths I didn't even think to take notes. So the only thing I wrote next to each of their names was, "The mantle truly has been placed, and Spirit Felt" I know that the three that were called as apostles this weekend are true apostles of the Lord and its awesome to have just met Elder Rasband not even a year ago here in the mission. He is definitely inspired and their testimonies were so REAL. They felt like Real people. The Lord really does call men from humble beginnings to do do his work, and I know for myself as we are engaged in his work, we then become the people and the priesthood holders he Needs us to Be.
If I gave my detailed opinion about conference I'd be typing all day so I'll wait to share notes when I get home. On a side note though, How Great was the accent on the first woman that spoke? Now that took me back home for a minute. I really do miss a good southern accent.

We had a couple of our investigators watch conference which was awesome. Daleen watched three of the four sessions! We were so proud of her. And it was awesome because one we watched at the church and the other two were at members from the wards Homes. She really enjoyed conference and felt the spirit pretty strong throughout. I love it when I know the spirit is working with people. And it feels even better when you know you are even a small part of them feeling it.

Our other investigator Shirley (an older lady) watched one session at a members home. And she said she really liked it and would look forward to talking more about it when we see her tomorrow. The members in this ward are legit! They are always so willing to do Missionary work, to step out of their comfort zones and do what the lord asks of all of us.
I had some really amazing experiences that I wanted to share last week that I wasnt able to share because of time but here they are. The first one takes place in the morning on a day last week. We were riding our bikes through a neighborhood. We passed by a house that was having a yard sale and there was a younger guy sitting outside on his porch. The spirit instantly told me to stop and talk to him, and as bad as it is, I just kept riding and told myself we have someone to see right now and I'll just catch him on the way back. Well, the person that lived nearby that we were going to see wasnt home and luckily the Lord was merciful enough to give me a second chance. As we passed by his home again, we stopped and started talking to him. His name is JP and he is in his early 20s. Super nice guy, has a wife and a 7 month year old baby girl. We ended up buying a couple of ties off him, and before we could even bring up the gospel he came out and said, "You know, I've always wanted to sit down with a couple of missionaries like you two and hear what you have to say, I'm Always looking for Truth. Would there be a time that you could come by and teach me?"

Both Elder Prisbrey and I were speechless, It was the weirdest thing being asked these questions when usually we're the ones doing the asking. JP was So prepared to receive us and I'm so glad to have been put in the right place at the right time so that the Lord could give JP the chance to hear the message of the restored gospel. So this week we took a member over (A Priest getting ready to leave on his mission) and taught him the Restoration. He agreed with everything, God being a loving heavenly father, the Gospel blessing families, the need for scriptures and prophets and even apostasy! It went pretty well and he agreed to read and pray to know if the B.o.M. is true. we should be meeting with him this week again so I can't wait to let y'all know how it goes.

There have just been experiences like that happening left and right here and I dont know what we're doing to deserve missionary opportunities like these but it assures me that The Lord Loves us, that he Loves these people and is doing everything he can to help them have the same Joy that we have. So sorry this has been the longest email ever sent, I just wanted to catch up from last week. I Love serving the Lord. I'm Happy as can be. I'm growing everyday with the help of the Savior. And I Love all of y'all. Thank You for being the family and friends you have always been for me. Until next week. love a lot, and always make time to laugh at yourself.

Sincerely, Elder Page

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