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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

But you gotta have faith...

So this week has been a cold and wet one! It's actually had lows in
the 40s, so yea know, it's totally summer here haha.
Sadly we haven't been able to see tayo, he has decided that he wants
to remain a catholic. It's always sad as a missionary to see people
choose a different path, but it's comforting to know that our Heavenly
Father works in mysterious ways and He works in His own timing as

So I'm sure I've mentioned James, we met with him this past week and
he had agreed to come to church! Side note, president has been really
trying to help us missionaries develop more faith, so he's been giving
us scriptures to read. I also feel that I've been praying more than
ever to have an increase of faith. It's only natural to get your hopes
down once you've had so many knocks, but if we have faith in Christ,
than that becomes our anchor and we cannot go wrong. Alright, back to
James! So he did come to church, and he was really enjoying everyone,
and then the service started. Oh bless, I'll be totally honest, it was
one of those sacrament meetings where it's just not quite there. Haha
during the opening hymn the organ went all weird, and then as someone
was saying the opening prayer the organ like came back to like and it
was SO loud! It's really different when you have someone come to
church for the first time, and I honestly think this service was great
for James because he saw the lighter side of us Mormons :) the whole
service after that was great, and sister black even gave a talk. My
companion is pretty great! The whole time James looked like he was
really soaking it in and enjoying it, so after we asked how he liked
it. He then said, it's not for me. He didn't really explain why, but
then he had to hear on home because of his dog. Honestly, I knew that
would not be over for James and that everything would be just fine.

Then we got to help in nursery! (It's a class for children from 2-4)
and it was refreshing! While I was playing ball with one of the boys,
he came up and asked me "are you happy?" And without hesitation I said
yes. It was such a nice little reminder! Then by around 8 yesterday
our phone buzzed, and it was James. All the text said was "hi sisters,
hope you're enjoying your evening. I'm getting a great desire to read
from the Book of Mormon and to go back to church, have a wonderful
night, James." Me and sister black just knew that something like that
would happen and know we're seeing him on Thursday! :) I know that
through faith, lol things truly are possible. I witnessed it
yesterday, and well as many other times throughout the week, and even
my mission!

I hope my email made sense! We had a wonderful church history tour as
well this last week!

I love you all!
Sister Miller

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