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Monday, July 13, 2015

Don't be the Bee...

We have a random mix of weather here in Manchester, you never know
what you're going to get!
I also want to brag about my companion who has been a wonderful
example of service this past week, and she is such a caring and
diligent missionary! She helps to make missionary work even more fun!

To be totally honest, this week was hard. Just emotionally and
spiritually hard. I honestly think I have truly learned to rely on the
priesthood and the blessings that come from that. But the best thing
is that the week ended amazingly!

I also want to share with you what I now call, the parable of the bumble bee:
So we were traveling and then sister black started to feel quite
motion sick so she asked if we could just hop off where we were and
take a breather. So we go to the park across the street and sit on the
grass. Then while she was recovering I saw this bumblebee on the
ground, but it looked really wounded. So being curious, I poked it and
it barely moved! So then I decided I should probably put it out of its
misery when sister black told me to wait! So she then used a stick to
pick it up and we dangled a flower in front of it. The bee
lethargically reached out for it and latched on. Then we did it again
and again. We came to the conclusion that the bee was quite healthy and
we wanted it to fly! So we then put it up in the air, but the bee
wouldn't budge. And then when we put a flower under it, it would
slowly crawl to it. We both agreed that this bee was just lazy and
didn't want to put forth any effort to do its work. When we left and
continued to travel I began to think about that stubborn little bee
and how ridiculous it was that it would only do its job when something
was placed right before it. Then I started to think about my week and
how I felt down and wounded and didn't want to do much. I then decided
that I need to be different and get up and do this work! So on Friday
and Saturday Heavenly Father blessed up with 2 wonderful and
successful street displays. He may have placed the people there but me
and sister black still had to reach out and speak with them. I could
feel the Holy Ghost giving me words to say when I felt stuck, and when
I started to feel low again I prayed that I would forget myself and
that is exactly what happened.

We can either be the lazy bumble bee, or we can get out there and do
the work! There are only 2 options. There is no middle ground in
missionary work.

I am grateful for this past week and the things I have learned, I've
learned to really come out of myself, even if that means I'm dragging
myself, but God, He gave me the strength.

I love you all so much, please keep safe and remember to say your prayers!
Until next week,
Sister Miller

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