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Monday, July 20, 2015

A great week in Stretford...

It's been a great week here in Stretford, I have been finding so much
joy in just all of the little things! It's really true what they say
about small and simple things, they mean the most! Sister black got
sick again towards the end of the week, but something I love about her
is her ability to stick things out, and to push! She loves to just go
out and talk to EVERYONE! She's like a little ball of energy as we're
out street contacting, tracking, or whatever it is.

Last week in one of the street displays I met this man named James.
James is so humble and we were able to go and teach him on Monday with
brother Bob and sister Diane. Haha so this lesson is not how you would
picture it, James has this massive Rottweiler, Amy, who is two years
old but still acts like a puppy. Bless her, but we couldn't get the
lesson started for the longest time because Amy was just crawling all
over me and sister Diane! Haha she would try to lay on my lap, and
then she'd go and try to lick sister Diane. Eventually she got put
outside, and then James was able to share his beliefs with us and they
all matched up with what we were sharing. It was nothing short of a
miracle. I have such a strong testimony that God does place people in
our paths that are ready to receive the message we share!

We also met with Tayo twice this past week. Me and sister black had
rushed like crazy to make it on time, and yet were still a few minutes
behind and sister black was motion sick. But when we made it some of
the members were showing Tayo around the church! We really have the
best members here in Stretford. But this week with Tayo we really made
sure to address his concerns but to also help him see how being
baptized can help him in his life. We got to the bottom on a few
concerns and were helping him to read and pray daily. The key to most
people's conversion is really the Book of Mormon, that book is really
the word of God, and when people read it for themselves and then ask
God about it, miracles proceed!

Other than that president gave me and sister black some really great
talks to about faith, and how we can increase our faith. My favorite
was Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ by Kevin W Pearson. The biggest
thing I've learned this week is that if I want to increase my faith,
then I need to be more obedient. As we are obedient to the laws and
commandments God has placed, Our faith will increase! Isn't that just
the best equation ever?! I feel like sometimes as humans we make
things so complicated, when in reality all we need is a desire to do
this work, and that will eventually grow into a perfect faith in

I love this ward, area, the members, the many people were blessed to
teach, the weather. The busses, the crazy random things that happen,
and just simply doing the Lords work. I love you all and hope you have
a lovely week!

Sister Miller xx

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