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Monday, July 20, 2015

Mark 8:35...

It's official, I'm on the down slope of my mission. I can't believe it simply because its gone by way too fast and because I feel like my mission is more on the rise than it ever has been. I think I'm finally getting the hang of this whole missionary thing. It's weird to think that everyday for an entire year I've been a missionary. Doing missionary work really is just apart of me now, its funny, but it feels so good to just always be on the Lord's errand.

This week has been a really good one as far as teaching investigators and having members join us. That's one thing I've had a harder time with throughout my mission is always having members at lessons, but this past week, and over the past few weeks, me and Elder Anderson have made it a goal of ours to get as many members out as possible and not just any members, but we will pray specifically who we should take out according to certain investigators and so far the Lord hasn't let us down.

Each member-inv combo has been near perfect. The Lord really does know each and every one of us and its been so cool to have the members and investigators get along so well and build relationships. I am realizing now more than ever how critical it is to have members fellowship not only at church but in lessons. We were teaching Adriana this week, and we had a member with us and after the lesson Adriana thanked us for coming over and just said how nice it was to have Another Witness there to share experiences of the Book of Mormon and how the Gospel can bless our lives. Adriana is doing so well. Her daughters were sick yesterday but she made it to church herself and really enjoyed it. We sat on the second row, we had members coming up to meet her and welcome her, we explained things to her and she most of all was quiet, observant, and reverent throughout all of Sacrament meeting. I could tell the spirit was really touching her and she felt it. After church she just thanked us for being so persistent on getting her there because she said it was Worth it. Later this week we'll be meeting with her once to teach her the Plan of Salvation and then on Friday we are going to watch Meet the Mormons with her and Sister Garcia (a member of the ward). She is So excited, and so are we. It's the closest thing to watching movies we get out here!

Things really are going well though, the area is picking up, our investigators are really starting to progress, we are working more with the members and both me and Elder Anderson see & feel the Lords hand in our daily efforts. I am Happy, I am being kept safe, and I have all the support that I need. What more could I ask for? Well I Love You All. I miss you too! Keep doing what your doing! Pray Always. And Godspeed!

Love, Elder Page

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