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Monday, April 27, 2015

Moroni 8:3

I feel a need to update y'all on the weather every week because it's always just so different! This week is was quite sunny and it made everyone optimistic and happy to talk to us! It's even been warm enough to go without a coat during some parts of the day, I just love the weather here! I sure hope I say that next week haha.

Well anyway we started off last week good, me and Sister Dunn are more than determined to work hard this transfer, especially because it's so short. We then had a zone meeting (all of the missionaries in the Manchester area) and our zone leaders talked about pushing forward until the end of the day, week, transfer, whatever and to not set limits for ourselves. They focused on how if we set a goal, and surpass it, keep going! We also had stake conference and one of the speakers talked about setting a new pace for ourselves. I then compared all of this to running and how when I run, I get tired, but then somehow I just place the next foot in front and how I don't stop until the end. Also how when you're racing, you don't just keep a mellow pace, you set a new pace for yourself if you want to accomplish great things. When I run, I rely on my team mates for help, and my coach to give me direction.

This week I felt like I ran a race with Sister Dunn, who is my team mate. I feel like everyday we went out determined to do better than the day before, every single day. We set a fast pace (or goals) to talk to EVERYONE around us, even the people who look mad as we start to talk to them or people in bus shelters (bus shelters and bus contacting are still hard for me). We took the time to really listen to people and we have watched SO many people soften and feel of God's love, even if it's just for a minute. Also I know that Heavenly Father is our "coach" guiding our feet and pushing us when the days are hard and seem never ending. He helped us set a personal record, and I am just so excited to set another one! I am so grateful for the past week me and Sister Dunn had, I've never had so many teaching opportunities and people willing to learn more! Heavenly Father really has prepared this area for me and Sister Dunn, all we have to do is be willing and humble! By last night we were pooped, but let me tell you, it's well worth it! I do love running, but I love missionary work more.

Also one the second of May we're having a mission wide conference about the IPads, on the bright side we don't have to pay for them! They'll be property of the missions. But we won't be getting them for a few weeks after because there's still some security issues. Also on the 27-29 Elder Teixeria (he's an area seventy, or someone who looks specifically over the members in Europe..I think?) will be coming and will have half mission wide conferences and he'll teach us! We have so many exciting things happening here in the EMM!!!

I love you all so very much,
Moroni 8:3
Sister Miller

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