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Monday, April 27, 2015

Moroni 8:25...

Hello Everybody!

So some big things have happened over this last week. I guess I'll start with the baptism we had yesterday! I know you guys are probably thinking... "Baptism? Where is this coming from?" But I'll explain. So since Ive been here in Long Beach Me and Elder Henry have been teaching this family. The brother of the girl who got baptized his name is George and he was taught and baptized about a month ago. And so we started teaching his 11 year old sister Julia. She is seriously the sharpest, brightest 11 year old Ive ever met. As we taught her she just absorbed everything! She really has a testimony of the gospel, and it has been so cool to see her just except it all. She She had come to church before with George but had never really been taught till the week me and Elder Henry went by. It was honestly kind of a last minute baptism, but she really wanted to be baptized this weekend so we made it happen. There was a really special spirit at the baptism, because although Julia is only 11 years old, it helped me see really how simple the gospel really is. and Everyone that talked to Julia at the baptism just kept saying, "Become as a little child" And its so true. There were a lot of people there which was awesome! Elder Payne, one of the elders who taught George, Julia,s brother came to the baptism, so that was cool for him to see it. I just felt blessed to be apart of it all really.

And the best part about this work is is that its the lord who is really preparing these people, its him who is preparing us to find them. There is a lot of Miraculous things happening here in Long Beach. Our Whole District is doing such good work and we are seeing the lords hand left and right! Me and Elder Henry were able to set 2 more baptismal dates with a daughter and a 17 year old grand daughter of an older Samoan Member named Peter. He is the only member right now in the family but they have all been coming to church and its so great to see families come together because of the gospel. Its All True!! I'll tell ya! The part member work in this area is rolling. That's the way to do it. Its the best to see members reach out to those they love and share the gospel with them. And us as missionaries are simply instruments in the lords hands to move the work along. I am really loving it here in Long Beach. I hope I stay here for a good while, especially with Elder Henry! We are getting along so well and we are just enjoying serving together. I know that the lord is watching over us, he's watching over me and he is over the salvation of souls. And if we do our part, he will make up the difference. He loves us.

Well, I gotta get going but I hope y'all know that I love you. I hate that I'm missing so many excited things happening but, I know I'm where I need to be and I look forward to getting to enjoy it all when I get back home one day. Have a great week everyone! Until next week... Godspeed!

Love, Elder Page

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