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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

An end of an era...

So I'll start off by saying that I love South Port with all my heart, and I am so greatful to have spent 7+ months of my mission here. I have learned so much and have felt much joy serving here. I am now going to be serving in the Stretford ward in the Manchester Stake! It's the highest populated area in the mission and has Piccadilly square in it. I will be serving with Sister Dunn from the cook islands (I'll let you know for sure next week). This next transfer is only 4 weeks, so it'll go too quick, but I am SOOO excited!

This past week was just wonderful despite the weather and colds! You know what? I'm actually really starting to love the weather. It's funny because sometimes there will be just a spot of blue sky within a sky of gray, and I'll just be SO happy! I'll say "look Sister Hall, it's sunny!" And I feel for me it's that little ounce of weird optimism that makes missionary work great for me. I find so much joy in all of missionary works miracles. I even find joy when person after person shoots us down because I know we're that much closer to finding the one. The savior set the example for us to go after the one, and I intend to follow that example.

The best thing this week I think was Saturday night after we were coming home from conference, we were walking back from the train station. It being close to 9, we were walking quickly. But ahead of us I saw Michelle, who is a former investigator we lost touch with. I've been looking for her for months on end. I love her! I felt the spirit so strong during her lessons and she was so prepared. But we lost contact because she skipped our appointment and she never answered her phone. So for months, basically since sister hunter left, I've been praying and praying to see her again. I never saw her though until this Saturday! But she was so far ahead of us and I didn't want to scare her so I just decided to brush it off. Meanwhile though I was praying that somehow we'd be able to speak to her. Then out of no where, she turned around in our direction!!! I was shocked. We then discussed many things, and she admitted that she needs to come closer to God and that she would like our help again. I have a firm testimony that I was supposed to be in south port for 7+ months, and that again, I know that Heavenly Father watches over each and every one of us and that we really are looking for the one.

If you haven't seen it yet, make sure to watch the Easter video, it's absolutely wonderful!

I love you all, and you're always in my prayers,
Sister Miller

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