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Monday, April 13, 2015

All is well in Stretford...

Stretford is SO different than South Port, and I love it. We live a 5 minute walk from the chapel and also less than 10 minutes from the Manchester United Stadium...haha so it's pretty busy on match days! But there are loads of people to speak with, and it is so fun! So many cultures, languages, and ethnicities. It takes about an hour to get to either end of our area on bus so we tend to stay in an area most of the day. I feel like me and Sister Dunn will do amazing things this transfer. Something I realized right when I got here on Wednesday was that all I need is a seed of faith to do the Lords work. I think that is AMAZING. All I need is a little mustard seed of faith, and I can move mountains.

I love Sister Dunn, she is wonderful. My little Fijian. She is optimistic and loving! It was POURING (so fun) and she just said "oh thank you! this is great!" and she was sincere about it! She is so dedicated to the Lord and I look to her as an example. I also love her testimony, it is so firm and she truly relies on the Lord.

I think the Manchester zone is great, especially our area because there is ALWAYS someone to talk to,it's so exciting! It is also a bit scary, but I know that if I rely on the Lord, He'll bless me with the strength to effectively share the gospel. The biggest things this week are one: we met this amazing man named Barry. We met him as we were walking back home for tea. There were two people coming our way, so I started to talk to Natasha, and then Sister Dunn to Barry. Barry ended up being very interested and we were able to share a Book of Mormon with him and to set a return appointment. We were on our way for our return appointment when we walked past him (he was heading to the shop quickly before we came round) and Sister Dunn pointed out that it was Barry, so we kind of, well...went after him! Haha we waited for him outside of the shop and then when he came out we started to talk to him. He was happy to see us, and the member we brought with us to fellowship was perfect for him! We proceeded to bear testimony about making promises and keeping commitments, and invited him to the fireside (we prayed really hard to find someone that would benefit from the fireside where recent converts bear their testimony). He said he would try to come, so we left it at that. Then on Sunday after church, we called by, and he said that he would come and he'd be ready at 6. So lo and behold, after much trusting and putting things in Heavenly Fathers hands, Barry came to the fireside and LOVED it! He asked when we would be coming back to teach him more and talked about going to stake conference next Sunday. It was brilliant.

Another thing is that the French I learned in high school came in handy. We were again, walking home and we ran into a French man! After he tolerated and laughed at my broken French, we told him we could bring him a French Book of Mormon! Our Zone Leaders went out of their way to bring us a French Book of Mormon, but when we went to visit him we sadly later found out his address does not exist. Being slightly disappointed, but still holding onto faith, I kept the French book of Mormon in my bag. Then yesterday as we were waiting for a bus we started to talk to this man who was from Morocco (they speak French!) and I was SO excited! We started to talk about the Book of Mormon and he said he would love one, and I was able to whip out that French Book of Mormon! We plan to see that man, Mahi, tonight! :)

I appreciate all of your prayers more than you know, they give me so much strength.

Love, Sister Miller

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