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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Visits from friends

When I got back from my trip to Utah I was welcomed by one of my Utah boys, Zamaleki! Was so great and strange at the same time. Not strange to see him because I have seen him since he got home from his mission, just strange seeing him back here in North Carolina. It almost felt as if he had never left. He had so many people to see and visit while he was here, so I was very grateful for the time he spent with us. ( poor boy can't help it he is loved by so many) we didn't really do anything special, we just enjoyed being together and catching up. We went shopping, look at all the loot he got :)!
He also spent some time with the missionaries that are now serving here, getting them it doing something fun on their p-day. One Monday he got them out bowling and the next was here at our house playing ping pong, basketball and soccer(more pictures on previous post) it was fun having them over. When Zamaleki served here they were here every week! I miss that! I think they had a good time!

One afternoon we spent it swimming and cooking out. It was a beautiful North Carolina day.(perfect) we had a few other friends over, Michael Armstrong, who just returned home from his mission in Oregon, Leah Marlowe and Caleb Marshall, and Katie Miller. (She was in town to see her sister race in a track meet. We had a fun time swimming, trying to see who could swim the length of the pool...Caleb you are a fish with out gills!

Last time with Zamaleki. His sister Srilanna, and her friend Mackenna, flew into town for a ACN conference here in Charlotte, which Z will be going to also. It was nice to see Srilanna again and to also meet Makenna. Hope they enjoy their time in NC. We went to Steak and Shake for lunch before we said goodbye. So enjoyed having him here and that he could spend so much time with us! We love you Zamaleki! Look forward to seeing you again, probably in Utah, but you know you always have a home away from home here!

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