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Monday, September 16, 2013

I got a ticket for the long way ´round

Hey Momma,
I know today isn´t my p-day, so you are probably wondering why in the world you are recieving this email from me. Well that´s a really good question mi madre, and I have a rather good response para usted!
Surprise attack: I´m leaving for Chile on Thursday! (as in 3 days... yes, about a week before schedule). I would have told you eariler, but us Chilean missionaries didn´t know we were leaving early til yesterday. After we heard a rumor that we were leaving early, we went to the front desk to figure out what in the world was goin´ on. Turned out that the rumors were true, and we are peacin out this week. (Glad we heard the rumors though cause otherwise we still would have no idea) Communication around here struggles a bit to be honest.
Not gonna lie, I was in shock for a few hours, and then during sacrament meeting, the closing hymn was "God Be With You Til Again"...that pulled us all out of shock and got our whole district crying. We have all become so close and we are kinda like a little motley family here at the CCM. I´m really bummed to leave them here for a whole week without us. Also when I found out we were leaving earlier, my first thought was "Holy humpty dumpty, I don´t know any spanish!!" So I´m a bit nervous about that as well.
It´s all just so weird cause I was mentally prepared and scheduling for another whole week, so the change is kinda messin me up a bit.
The reason we are leaving earlier is apparently because next week is Chile´s independence day celebration stuff, so there were NO empty flights. So since there was no room in the inn for us missionaries, they are sending us a week early, so we can still get there. And it´s only the Chilean missionaries that are leaving early.
I guess with us, the Lord is hastening the already hastened work, huh? :)
I´m excited and nervous and still kinda in shock and all the other things I could logically be feeling under the sun...I´ll tell y´all more about all that in my real email tomorrow.
Until then, no worries, I´m good!
God speed.
Love always and always,
Hermana Abigail Page

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