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Friday, September 20, 2013

She's on her way!

Last night Abigail called from the airport on her way to Chile! Oh my goodness, she sounded so fantastic! She caught us up on any little details that she may have left out from any of her emails. If you know Abby, you know that she was talking a mile a minute. She is so excited to get to Chile and get to work. She bought a hand full of phone cards and talked till each one gave out! We just sat there holding the phone and smiling so big! She is going to do fabulous things! She bore her testimony to us in Spanish before hanging up, with tears in her voice, you could feel the spirit so strongly. I am so happy for her and look forward to hearing all about the highs and lows of missionary work!
Before she left for the airport she sent us this short email to let us know she was on her way! Love that girl!!!

So today is the day, I´m off to great places hurray hurray! ...isn´t that how the Dr. Seuss poem goes? Yo no sé..
Anywho, I´m heading off to Chile in 3 hours.. AHH!! It´s so weird. It keeps hitting me on and off today, and yes I have shed a few tears. Last night as a district we sang "God Be With You Til We Meet Again", and let´s just say it was mostly mumbling and sniffling. I´m gonna miss mi CCM familia mucho. Perro, I´m so excited to hear about/see the miracles we are all a part of in the next two years!
Packing was a doozy to say the least. Coming here I was at the exact weight limit, so with all of the books and other randomness we got here, my suitcases are ridin´ lower than a gangster´s trousers. It´s all good though. It´s times like this where I wish I had "mommy packing powers". After my mission, I´ll probably be a PRO at packing real fast. Wish me luck with that.
My flight is 8 and a half hours long so we are gonna be flying over night. Hopefully I´ll be able to sleep on the plane, otherwise I am going to be real tired when we get to Chile! Maybe we´ll even get the little pillows and blankets! I love those.
I´m just sending this email to let y´all know that I´m getting off safely and that I´m taking that slightly frightening but totally exciting first step of faith into the next year and a half of my life.
Pray for me, and wish me luck.
I´m so grateful to be on the Lord´s errand; hopefully I´ll do Him proud.
I love you all beyond the ends of the earth.
God be with you ´til we meet again.
Love always and always,
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