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Monday, September 23, 2013

I am beyond grateful....

With President & Sister Kahnlein (and daughter) and the other 4 missionaries that left CCM in Vina Del Mar

HOLA HOLA mi familia y mis amigos!
(Here in Chile people say `hola hola` y `cho cho`...yo no sè why they do it twice, perro me encanta)
Anywho, where do I even begin??
So I got in Chile on Friday after flying all night. Usually I have no problem sleeping on a plane, but for some reason my back was hurting really bad so it was really hard. But they gave us all of the cool pillows and eye masks and blankets and TWO meals! Olè! :) So overall the flight was nice.
After we got to Chile and got picked up by our mission president, he took us on a really quick tour and than dropped us off in the middle of Viña with some Book of Mormon`s and said "See ya at the mission home"...yeah, we had to find our way there by asking for directions in a language WE DON`T SPEAK. It was un poco dificil. Luckily, an old couple had pitty on us and walked us the whole way (which was quite a walk). While we walked we gave them the Spanglish version of the first dicussion. That was a little hard to do while finding our way, but we managed.
Since we got here early, I techinically don´t have a trainer yet. They put us with sister-training-leaders and zone leaders til wednesday, which is the actual day of transfers and all that. So yep, I am with Hermana Ortiz from Guatemala y Hermana Plothow from Orem Utah. They are so great! Being with them for the first week was the answer to a pray I didn`t know I had! They are both patient and encouraging and obedient and super great examples of the kind of missionary I hope to be.
The first night after we got back to their apartment, we immediantly got to work. We tried to visit some less active membros, then we went to a ward activity, and than we went and I helped teach my first 1st discussion...AHH. Quite the day to start out with right?? I know. I wish our ward activities were like the ones these Chilenos have! There is tons of dancing and singing and TONS of decorations and food. It`s a tad crazy, but I really loved it! I can already tell that I am going to love these people lots :) I didn`t know that I was going to speak during my first discussion. I was just sitting there, doing my thing (pretending like I understand any of the words people are saying), when all of a sudden, the Hermanas stop talking and look over at me. The only thing I knew was that we were talking about the Restoration, so I decided a simple testimony of prophets and Joseph Smith would be good. After I talked the Hermanas didn`t say anything for I solid 15 seconds, which is a lot longer than ya think. Afterwards they told me that the spirit was so strong during my little testimony that they just wanted it to sink in with investigator Rosa. I guess sometimes I can help people more when I don´t know the language cause I have to fully rely on the Lord and the Spirit to talk to them, ya know?
Since then, we have taught lots of lessons, and talked about the church with many people in passing. I even feel like I am understanding what people say more, which I am so grateful for.
Oh, funny story! So the Hermanas told me today right before we got on the bus that I had to talk to someone cause it`s good practice with my Spanish and that`s the best place to do it...So I brace myself and say a quick prayer. A little family gets on the micro (bus) and sits next to me..I look up and the dad is wearing a Carolina hat! Bahaha, I thought that was a sweet tender mercy from the Lord!
Something else funny that happened: we were teaching a lesson and the girl we were teaching had a cute little cat. She said that the cat was really shy and picky with people, but I said "Hola gato bonita!" and she came right over and sat on my lap and let me pet her the whole time we were there! Another tender mercy! And it made we miss my kitties...
Let´s see what else....
It´s really pretty here! It kinda reminds me of Utah and Charlotte mixed into one. The houses here are all different colors, so when you ask people for their address, you also ask what color there house is haha. I think that´s funny.
It´s reeeally cold here right now, so I´m so grateful that I brought winter stuff cause I´ve been wearing it everyday. (they call tights "panties" here...it makes me laugh every time someone talks about tights now..tehe)
I don`t know if I have mail here or not waiting for me...no one has given me any or said anything, so I have no idea to be honest. I´ll let you know though. One of these days, I am going to send home a package with extra stuff I can´t carry around and maybe some letters in it for people or something. I just have to find out where one is in my real area when I get there.
The food is good I guess...not too different to be honest. They eat vegetables cooked but cold here so thats different. But honestly, its just rice and meat and then fruit for dessert. I like it. And we don´t really eat dinner here...just a big lunch with a member family.
I already love Chile. I know I am here to do the Lord´s work. I know that right now it is really difficult to feel like I am helping anyone cause I don´t know what they are saying, but even then I am so beyond greatful that the Lord is here helping me as well. I am nothing without Him, especially in this different country. I am so grateful for the peace and the hand He always has outstretched for me to grab. I know I say this a lot, but I am so grateful for this opportunity to serve in the Lord´s vineyard (literally..VIÑA del mar...haha get it?).
I love you all and I am BEYOND grateful with all my heart for your support and emails and letters and everything. My time is short and limited, so I may not respond to everyone personally. Just know that your email of note helped lift my day ten times higher and I am SO grateful for you :)
Again, I love you all. There aren´t words to describe.
God be with you til we meet again. Do His work. Be Hiw discople always.
God speed mis amors.
Love always and always,
Hermana Abigail Page

With President & Sister Kahnlein after a very long red eye, right off the plane.

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