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WhErE tHe PaGeS oF tHiS bOoK nEvEr EnD

Friday, September 20, 2013

Late summer day with family, what could be better.

It was another fun afternoon with Dad in Greensboro, and it always fun when any other family or friends can join us. We met up with Dad, who was so excited to see us. We had to go get Katie so she could have a break from the books at UNC-G. Debbie and Little Claire Bear joined us along with Greg! We went to the Greensboro Historical Museum (it was new for Katie & Claire)

Tory was Dad's chauffer!
Katie, Tory & Claire try to work the switch board in the Old O'Henry Hotel
BoBo Bear & Claire's first day of school at the Old School House
Claire had fun exploring everything

We had fun at the Museum, sitting in the city courtyard, laughing on the park bench, and watching silent movies.

So finishing up in the museum only meant one thing to dad and that was going to YUM YUM Better Ice cream!

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