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Monday, April 2, 2012

On the path that will allow us the most growth through trials...

Hey everybody!!!! I am super glad to hear about Dad's surgery going alright. I couldn't help but chuckle when I pictured Dad hauling around with a walker and Tory just teasing him. Tory, that is so terrible, but I just couldn't hold back a laugh about that image. I am super glad to hear that he is doing alright, and the fact that he is working so hard to get back on his feet was actually a big inspiration to me as I read it. I can only imagine the pain, but the fact that you are doing that Dad just makes me so grateful for your example. You truly are an amazing example in word and deed, in spiritual and temporal things. I am super duper excited for conference. I can hardly believe that it is here already, but it came at the perfect timing for spiritual refreshment as usual. Can't wait to hear about your thoughts more as I get the chance to watch this weekend! So so glad to hear that Dallin and Jacs are doing so good, I love those two and look up to them as an example so much, especially realizing that I will have to follow in making some of the big decisions that they have made in not too too long here. Funny that you mentioned that you watched a tv show about Japan. It is a way different place, that is for sure. I love it so much here though. I wouldn't even mind taking a little time to live here at some point in my life. Who knows, we will see! Thanks always for sending emails, packages, and letters Mom. Just so you know, there isn't anybody that I love to hear from more than my Mama. I had a pretty good week. There were some things that happened that weren't the best and that caused some stress, but the Lord just keeps pouring out miracles on us so I have no reason to complain. That guy, Ishizuka-san, we made a baptismal date with him this past week. He is planned to be baptized for now on 4/28. He came to church on sunday and is doing great so hopefully things keep going well. It feels nice because it is the first investigator that I have had with a baptismal date in almost 8 months! I am totally loving being with Elder Sanders still. He is my longest companion and I couldn't be more grateful than to be with him for as long as I have. It amazes me sometimes how the Lord always has on the path that will allow us the most growth through trials, but also providing us with more than enough help-meets and blessings at the same time. Elder Sanders has been one of those blessings that has allowed me to overcome trials when I have faced them in these past 4 transfers. Something fun that happened last week was that we had the opportunity to go and watch live Sumo wrestling for the first time. They even let us put on the underwear belt thing! I have pictures that I will send, but that was a super fun experience. The weather around here is finally gotten kind of sort of nice. It is still pretty cold because the wind is always blowing, but the sun is out more and pretty soon here all of the Sakura flowers (Cherry Blossoms) will bloom which I am excited for. I will be sure to take plenty of pictures. I can feel the love Mom, no worries about that. I had a dream the other night that I came home and the first night we did family prayer, and then as everybody started to head to bed I freaked out. You all asked me why I was panicking an I said, "we can't just go to bed, we haven't done daily planning for tomorrow! How are we going to know what to do!?!?!" hahaha Mom, I am probably going to be kind of strange right when I get back. :o) I love you guys back home so much!! Keep being such great examples of light and truth!! Have a wonderful week and remember that I can feel your prayers! Love always, Elder Page

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