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Monday, March 26, 2012

It is the greatest feeling ever to teach a family...

Hey Everybody!!! I loved seeing pics of all of you guys!!! It is super creepy to see how much all of everybody has grown up. Seriously, it was a weird thing to behold. That girl had her hand on Tory's stomach mom!!! Is that now weird??? ;o) Hold on for the ride Dad, it is the last one you got to go through!!! hahaha I will definitely be thinking of Dad as he goes to his surgury tomorrow!! Speaking of hospitals though, I went today!!! A couple of days ago I got hit by a car while I was riding my bike!!! :o) Dont worry, it wasn't that bad! A guy just wasnt looking as he pulled out and t-boned me. It hurt and I have needing a little fixing on my bike, but I am alright so there is no need to worry. I went to the hospital but just a bandage and I am ok! :oD To be honest, this past week had a lot going on. We had an activity where we build a putt putt course inside the church and played putt putt for the activity. It was super fun and I have some pictures that I will send you guys at some point. We have been doing a ton of finding recently, right? Some days we were even just finding for 8 hours. But, the Lord blessed us with two miracles this past week that have really strengthened my testimony in the work. One was just a man who called us up and told us that he had received a flier and had interest in learning about our church. We were able to meet with him and had a great Lesson 1. We were able to extend the baptismal commitment and he said that if it is true he will be baptized. His name is Ishizuka-san. So, I am excited to see where that goes. The other one was pretty amazing too. A while back I told you we had the chance to play soccer with a guy right? Well we always thought that he was only interested in using us to win his soccer games because he never really broke on hearing the gospel. Well, we were housing the other day and he pulled up behind us in his car. Apparently he lived close by and so he took us to his house in his car. He introduced us to his family of 3, Him, his wife, and his 11 year old daughter. To make a long story a little shorter, they offered us tea and so we got to teach about the Word of Wisdom which went really well. We also got to tell a lot about why we had come on our missions and how we were so good at japanese. Then finally we talked about families and they told us very openly that they dont ever spend time and fun together as a family. We were able to introduce Family Home Evening and they invited us over next time for dinner and a family home evening. :o) Mom, it is the first time I have ever had the opportunity to be in the home of a non-member FAMILY and teach them the gospel on my entire mission. It is the greatest feeling ever to teach a family!!! I am super excited and hope that we are able to continue teaching them. It is amazing how the Lord lays a path before us. It has happend a thousand times on my mission, but the Lord let us be in the right place at the perfect time so that he could see us from his car and invite us to his home. I just really know that this gospel and that the work is true. Sometimes we see it in the smallest of miracles, but if we will look in our everyday lives, there are evidences that God is watching over us everywhere. Thank you Mom for always praying for my happiness. I dont think you realize how much that means to me to hear you say that. Just knowing that no matter where I am or the road I choose, you are always petitioning the Lord to make it the best for me. I love you so much for that, Mom. Keep $teve taken real good care of after his surgury, ok? I will be praying for him. :oD I love you Dad!!! Have a wonderful week everyone!! I love you! Love always, Elder Page

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