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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

"Eagle Scout baby"...

Hello Everyone, Well I might as well get started with this email with the big news that came this morning at 6:30 when President called in my transfer announcement. The good news is that I am super excited and way happy. The bad news is that I am finally, and regrettably being separated from my son, Elder Sanders. He is transferring up to a city that I worked in a lot in Sendai zone named Yamagata. He will get his first Japanese companion and although he is sad to leave here, he is excited for the chance to grow more and learn. As for me, I will actually not be leaving Niigata. Even though I have been here for 6 months, President told me that I have at least 3 more months here because Elder Sanders is getting a brother! Yes, I will be training again here in Niigata! Son number 2! I have always wanted a big family! :o) I am super excited to get that opportunity again, especially because this time I know the area and the people that I am working with. There were quite a few changes across the mission though. Elder Shaw, a missionary in my apartment and a good buddy is transferring too which stinks. Sister Kimura will transfer while Sister Tanaka, will get a new companion and spend her last transfer here in Niigata. It makes the fifth transer that Sister Tanaka and I have been in Niigata. LONG!! Oh, and also, President asked that while I train this new missionary that I also serve as the District Leader here. We have a district of 8 missionaries here and so I am kind of excited about that. I have never done District Leader before because before I just went straight to ZL. I can't wait to meet my new son and get working with him. Other than that, it was a great week last week. There was a lot that happened and I don't really have time to tell it all. We had the opportunity to go to the park with a less active and an investigator. It was so beautiful outside. I sent you a bunch of pictures from that. Our investigator cut her leg and so I had to clean her wound and get it all wrapped up. Eagle Scout baby!!! hahaha ;oD All of the Sakura flowers are blooming and this country is just the most beautiful place in the world right now. I love it here so so much. I am pretty excited to be able to be here a little longer and it is reassuring to know that if I am still here, that God has a little bit more work he needs me to do. I have learned through experiences, both as a missionary, and even at a more personal level, that God will guide and direct our lives in the sense that he will keep us on worthy pathways. Doctrine and Covenants 6:14 teaches us that we would not be in the place that we are now if God had not of been guiding us. Read that scripture on your own, find the meaning and value of that principle for you in your own life, and be grateful to God for it. I am so grateful for this gospel and for the opportunity we have to live this wonderful life. This life is wonderful and will bring us much joy if we will but count our blessings. I love the mission so much. I love my family so much. Mom and Dad, I am so grateful for your love and council in my life. I was so lucky to be born as your son. :o) I have to go, no time, but I will let you know how things with my new son are next week! Have a great week! Abby, your shoes are awesome, Dad, keep working hard on your rehab, I am praying for you! Smiling makes life better!!! I love you!! Love always, Elder Page

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