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Monday, September 5, 2011

A message if Hope :)

Hello Everybody!!
It was great to get to hear from you this week! Geez!! The weeks just go too fast sometimes! I will reply to your email first and then I will let you know how I am doing. I am so excited for Matt opening up that new area!!! Right now Elder Lay and I are working with President on opening up another area after the earthquake and it is an exciting thing. I guarantee that his President put Matt in there for his last transfer to start it off right. It is really hard to open an area so Matt is the perfect missionary for the job! It is all so exciting! I am also so excited for Michael leaving! He will do so great! I will do my best to get time to write a letter to the primary. I am not going to lie Mom, making time to write letters is way hard. I have been struggling to communicate well with Marissa lately. I will do my best but it is pretty hard with so many things to do. Today I just started my PDay and it is 6:00. We had things to do and phone calls to make up until six at night. I would love to get some jerky with something that granola! Just the fact that the recipe is Marissa's makes it so much better!! You have no idea Mom, just seeing her name typed in an email is refreshing. I am so tired that a spare second to think about Marissa is so nice. :o) There was a typhoon this week, but Elder Lay and I were all the way on the other side of the mission doing work then so we were totally fine. I love getting hand written mail so much! Speaking of, I got the package this week!!! Thank you so so so much! I absolutely loved it so much and it made my day. The candy doesn't help because I am still getting fat, but it was so delicious! :) The shirt was sweet and the tape was awesome. However, the tape didn't have much on it. I don't know if it messed up or something, but I only got to listen to Jordan and Kirby and Kyle (which was hilarious by the way) and Abby and You. Maybe that was all, but thank you so much!! I loved the package! I have a couple things that I would like in a package but in the moment I can't remember all of them. I have them written down but the only thing I can remember in the moment is two CDs by a guy named Alex Boye. They are called The Spirit and Be Still My Soul. They are awesome and I would love them. Also one called Nearer, which we might have on our computer. Those would be great! The other stuff I will let you know next week! So this week was probably the busiest week of my mission so far. We only spent about a day and a half in our own area! We had a service activity, another Zone Leader Council, and Splits on the other side of the mission! Needless to say I am quite tired, but I am great!! Things right now are pretty good, the weather is starting to cool down so it is a little less...in this moment I can only think in Japanese so I can't think of the english word for it, but it is getting nicer. Communicating in English is getting a little hard which sounds totally crazy, but my brain is slowly thinking all the time in Japanese. I guess it is a good thing now, but when I come home you guys are going to think I am pretty weird! :) That is exciting to hear that McKenna is coming down to NC a week after Matt comes home! I guarantee that he LOVES that. I also promise you that Marissa has already thought about that so many times so make sure she doesn't get too ahead of herself. ;o) hahaha The work right now in our area is a little slow but it is just because we have been so busy we haven't had a lot of time to do work in our area. Things will pick up though. :) Something short I wanted to share to end is something that an elder named Aiura Choro. He is a Japanese Elder that paid me an interesting compliment last week that got me thinking. He told me that my Funiki (it is a Japanese word that kind of means your aura or atmosphere or countenance, hard to translate) is hope. He told me that the way I communicate and carry myself just brings hope to people. It was a very nice and interesting compliment, but it got me thinking about the gospel and the word hope. I always try to show the gospel as a missionary and that elder helped me see that the gospel can be shown in a hope too. Right now in this country there are people without hope, and through this gospel, you can find hope. I am so grateful for the hope I find in Jesus Christ, the hope I find in the Plan of Salvation, the Hope I find in Family. All of this hope stems from this wonderful gospel. I testify that among so many other things that this gospel is, this gospel is a gospel of hope. Through the gospel, you can find hope in ALL things. I testify that to all of you in the Name of Jesus Christ. I hope you have a wonderful week! I love you all so so so much and I can't wait to hear from you next week! I love you mom. I think of you and your hugs so often.
Until next week!
I love you!
Elder Zachary Taylor Page

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