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Friday, September 9, 2011

In Willcox AZ, working hard and will be home next month!

Hey Everyone,
It was great to get your letter here in my new area :)SO about the flight plans, I'll call and ask if they have sent it again to you all. I hope you get them soon. That's crazy that you have the time that I get in :) If I get in @ 4:25 will I be realeased that night by President Baker?
SO I'll speak on the 30th? I guess that's alright. That is quiet a while later but oh well. Whatever works :0 So Leslie is getting married right when I get home? That's pretty cool. Sounds like everything just seems busy that weekend I get home. No worries! I'll just be happy to be home :)
I'm excited for Zach and Abby, I am sure they will both get into BYU. I'm glad Dallin & Jacs are good. They are coming up for my farewell right! I'm excited to see TOry play soccer when I get back. I'm sure he is so different. I can see physically, but I'm sure he's grown up all around. That's cool Abby is working in the office :) I would love to go back and visit her in the office and to see everyone.
I got the B-Day package!!!! :) Thank you so much!!!! I did get my running shoes. They are really great! Thanks!!! I saw that you got me junk food anyways ;) I'll try to take more pictures. I've be pretty bad:/
So updates with me. SO as you know I'm in WIllcox AZ. Its a tiny town. Not as small as Fabens! We live with a member which is something new to me. They are the Bushmans & they are super nice! They have a really nice house!!! Like really nice! Its kind of weird to live here after so much time in old, nasty apartments. They are really nice about us just feeling at home. They let us borrow food so I'm eating alot better. I'm getting off the cereal diet.:)
My companion is ELder Stringer from San Antonio TX. He's a nice guy & loves to exercise like me!!!!! I finally got a companion who works out with me!
Small world though, Elder Stringer's best friend @ BYU was Elder Jordan's brother. (my MTC comp.)Crazy huh! Also we visited a less active who has family in El Paso in my old ward. I knew them!
So there are two wards here and we cover 2nd ward. They don't have a spanish branch, but expect the spanish members to go to the english wards. I'm the only spanish missionary in Willcox so I'll be pretty much on my own with teaching them.
THe people here are really nice and just old country folks :) It kind of reminds me of Caswell. The is a little slow, but we have to start somewhere. It's been kind of a hard week because we don't know anyone or how to get around yet, but were getting there.
Thanks for the Chili's cards, but there is no Chilis around here, so I'll probably just save them for a date with me & Mckenna.
I miss my old area, but I will try to do my best here. We are a brand new Zone, so wer are all kind of getting the hang of it.
Well, I love you all! I hope you have a great week! I'll write next week , &&&&& I'll see you next month!!!!!
Love Elder Page

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