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Friday, September 23, 2011

Less than 3 weeks...

Hey Everyone,
Just wanted to update you for this past week. IT was a good week :) The first part of the week was good. We had P-day. Then on Tuesday I was on exchanges with the zone leaders. I was with Elder Adams in his area down in Sunsites & El Frita (good luck finding that on a map) It was fun though. There are so many nice people in these small towns. Faithful members who just want to do good.
Towards the end of the week was the best part. On Friday I headed to Tucson for a district leader meeting with another missionary. We got done around 1:30, so...I decided to swing be the Institute on the way back :) When I walked in I got a huge hug from Elder Densley! :) I think he misses me. It was so good to see old members. Sister Nyemeyer in the front desk, Sarah W. :) also a girl I was teaching named Emma who is doing awesome! It felt so good! I love these people so much and they made me a better missionary. The work there has taken off which I'm happy about. It's sad I'm not there to see it, but I'm glad that Elder Densley is seeing it. I couldn't stay long so we headed home. Luckly, me and Elder Stringer came back the next day!!! :) I was so blessed to be able to go back and baptize Sarah Declay! RIght when I walked in she ran and gave me a huge hug! She looked so happy! She was just glowing! It was so great to see the members too! :) When the baptismal service started and then we went into the font I felt the Spirit so strong. A peace came over me and joy to see her take this step.
I also got to see old missionaries in my last district. Elders Hansen & Pierce. Theya re both good. Just being in Tucson is weird after being in tiny little Willcox :)
The work is still slow right now. The rest of the district is doing well. It's good to see miracles happening in the work. Just trying to keep that drive all the way til the end!!! :) The mission is definately hard!!!!!!! There are times that you want to go and that you can't keep going, BUT as you push through the Lord shows His tender mercies. I have been watched over and blessed as a missionary. He is mindful of me as He is with all His children :)
I love you all!!!!! Can't wait to see you. I hope you have a great week!
Elder Page

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