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Monday, August 29, 2011

Elder Page has a baptism

Hello everybody!!!
I hope you are all doing great! This week flew by like I can't believe again! It feels weird to be sitting hear typing another email already! I am so glad to hear about Ben going to the temple! Things are just changing and everybody is leaving so fast! I did write him letter last week so he should get it around Wednesday I think. The Matt comes home countdown is crazy fast! This month of August went by SOOO fast! Haven't gotten a package but I will be looking for it!! Thanks as always Mama! Things this week have been crazy fast and busy, and for the next month it will do nothing but pick up. Last week we were traveling and did a split with the new missionary that came in and his trainer. The new missionary is very raw and a little timid but he will make a great missionary as he goes along. We are traveling a lot right now. We are traveling all over the mission over the next 5 weeks doing splits and doing training. Along with that, we have 3 days of service, then we have Zone Leader Council this week as well. Next week we have a big Zone Conference and then another Stake Dendo meeting the week after that! September is going to just fly by. This week was a little hard as far as missionary work in our own area is concerned. Every single one of our investigators dropped us except Takeshi's sister, and we gave her to the sister missionaries. So we have ZERO investigators. We had three straight days of about 7 hours of finding! :oD But, we have a good attitude and we are happy and things are good. I don't really have too many details to tell about stuff. Things are just pretty normal and busy. This is just one of those weeks mom, I don't have much to tell. It is pretty crazy how just things blur together and everything just becomes...schedulized? Is that a word? One funny thing, a guy from Californina came to church on Sunday and I had to translate for him. It amazed me how hard it was to think in English at church again after so long! Other than that, I hate to leave this email so short and uninteresting, but I am just going to send some pictures and wrap it up for this week. I hope everybody is doing great and is doing well as school and things get going again. I love you guys so much. This gospel is true and I am so grateful that we have this truth that allows us to be together forever. Until next week!
I love you!
Elder Zachary Taylor Page

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