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Monday, May 28, 2012

This Work and this Gospel are True...

Hello Everybody, So it is already pretty late in the day. During the afternoon we had several appointments and things to do so I don't have very much time to email. Great to hear about so many exciting things happening over there with Zach and Eagles Scouts and Graduation stuff. I loved seeing the pictures too. The 4 of the Page siblings picture was kind of lonely, me being the only one not there, but I am just glad everyone is doing well. :o) Just an update, Mom, I told Sister Rasmussen that you wanted to talk to her so she will probably email you. But, speaking of my back, it has gotten pretty rough. It is pretty simple, the pain just gets a little bit worse every day. I am going to the hospital next Monday to take an MRI, but before then, all I can do is take painkillers and keep going. Even though my back isnt doing well, it didn't slow down the work this week and was one of my best in a long time as far as the work is concerned. Yesterday there were so many miracles and there were 6 investigators at church and so many tender mercies from the Lord in a time where there are things that are bearing down on me. It was a tough week for several reasons, but by the end of the week things cleared up and I was able to feel the power of the Spirit in my life. We also have a guy named Kawase-san who is solid to be baptised. I will tell you more when I have more time, but he is bound to a wheelchair and is a super humble guy who called us to come and teach him. He came to church on Sunday and already said that he wants to be at this church. This coming week looks like it will be pretty busy, the last week of the transfer. I can't believe that is already another one down. I will probably stay again because of Nation Choro, but President said something to me this week that of course, left me guessing about whether I was going to be here or not. He is impossible to predict. :o) I am doing alright. I spent a lot of time on my knees this week. I was able to have great experiences speaking very personally to my Father in Heaven. I testify that when we pray personally that he hears us and that he will answer our prayer ever so personally. I was able to see that again and again this week as I was sustained in times of trail and uncertainty. I love you all so much. Next week there my be a transfer email so just be on your toes. :o) This work and this gospel is true. Love, Elder Page

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