13 PaGeS LoNg

WhErE tHe PaGeS oF tHiS bOoK nEvEr EnD

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

AbiGaiL HappY 18tH BiRthDaY to YoU!

I Can NoT beLieVe tHat My BeaUtiFul AbiGaiL iS 18 toDay!!! WhErE haS tHe TimE gOnE. SoMeTimEs I JusT loOk At hEr and I aM AmaZeD aT thE beAutIfuL WomAn sHe is BeComIng. ShE is SomEonE whO iS goIng tO MakE a DiffEreNce, sHe is StrOng yEt veRy gEntlE anD KinD. ShE is So ThoUghtFUl of oTherS, She Is A LoyAl FrIenD, ShE is aWaRe of OtHerS, anD is A dOer. ShE is PasSioNatE aboUt heR beLiefs, anD noT aFraId or EmbArRassEd to ShaRe tHem. I aM juSt VerY proUd to Be AblE to CalL heR mY DauGhteR. We LoVe YoU AbiGaiL, HaPpy BirThdaY, MaY it Be On Of YouR mOst MemOrabLE yEt!!!!!

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