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Monday, May 7, 2012

Can't wait for Mother's Day call!

Hey Mom, Thanks so much for emailing everything early for me today. It is kind of funny because our schedule actually changed and we arent actually going to Sendai until Thursday now. haha but thanks so much anyways. You guys are the best for remembering that for me. However, today the weather here in Niigata is perfect and so for P-Day the missionaries are going to go do something fun so I still don't have that much time. :o) I have had a great week! It was super fast and super busy, but great. We got to go and do service for the first time in a long time which was really great. At service I got to see Elder Sanders again, and I got to see Elder Lay for the first time in 4/5 months. I was so happy and so great to talk to him. He goes home in on month from now. I can hardly believe it. Last week there was a group of about 14 missionaries together and I was the oldest one...it was weird. Mom, they call me Grandpa already! Yesterday at church a couple of members asked what I am going to do when I go home next transfer!! The sad thing is that I have gotten really old and I just know the time is going to fly away from me from here on out. Dont worry, I am doing my best to take advantage of it. However, I think that no matter what you do or how hard you work, in the end you will always wish you had a little more time. Anyways, I am not quite that close yet!! About next weeks phone call. This time the call is going to be on your guys' mothers day. On Sunday evening at 7:00 you call my phone and it will be 8:00 Monday morning to me. Ok? :o) I cant wait to talk to you guys. My voice and my english will be even more weird than last time, I can assure you. :o) Elder Nation is doing good and progressing so so fast. He just does every little thing I ask him and working so hard that it is helping him take big strides. Something crazy that happened yesterday at church was that I saw one of my MTC Teachers, Michael Peterson. He was one of my favorite teachers and it turns out that he is doing an internship in Japan and just happened to come to Niigata. I was so shocked! He will be here for 6 weeks so I am super excited. I was actually pretty nervous, you know, because he taught me Japanese and stuff so I was worried that he would be disappointed in my growth. hahaha :o) Also had an interview with President this past week which went good. As always he had a couple of assignments for me that I am excited for. He is a good man. I am going to send you some pictures, but that is about all of the time I have for today. I miss you guys and love you so much. Things may be pretty hard right now, but I know that you will still feel great joy. In Alma, the people are wrapped up in a fierce war with many trails, but it says during that time that there was never a happier time in the period of the reign of the judges. When we face tough things we learn to rely on our Savior, and that reliance makes us strong and brings us joy. Sometimes we still wish for our trials to go away, but remember, just like the Nephites, even in the midst of trials and things we don't understand or can't control, there is joy in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I love you all! Have a great week! Love, Elder Page PS:Mom, in the next package you can send, Skittles would be nice. They don't have them in japan. Sour and normal, whatever is good. :o) I love you.

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