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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I love this gospel...

Hello Everyone! It was so great to talk to you guys today!! Everybody sounds like they are doing so good and it was just surreal once again to hear you all again. There were so many little things that I had forgotten about you all. Abby and her little adorable way of talking, Tory and his sarcasm, Matt who always sounds like he is smiling while he talks all the time, Mom and her laugh, Dad and his funny hands, Dallin and his softspokenness(not a word?). I miss you all and it was a great reminder of how amazing my family is to talk to you all. Like I said on the phone, I am just doing good. Things aren't necessarily soaking wet with baptisms right now, but I am seeing the evidence of the Lord's hand in this work every day, and I have really learned to let that keep a happy smile on my face, no matter what happens. :o) I went to the hospital today and it was closed. haha That is something that is different about Japan, the hospital is not always open. :o) There was a sign that said that someone who works at that hospital had died and so everyone was gone to the funeral that day. So, I will have to just wait and go on Wednesday now, so hold off a little longer on that update. Elder Nation's mom said the nicest things about you Mom when she called Elder Nation. :o) She sounds so very pleasant of a person. I am sorry for my inability to communicate in proper English with you guys, and for just speaking in Japanese to Tory without realizing it, it truly is an interesting thing to have your brain work in two languages, especially two as different as English and Japanese. Well, just a couple things I didn't mention on the phone, we were in Sendai last week again for a conference with the new member of the Area Presidency here, Elder Yamashita. He is the one who gave the talk at conference last October about Missionaries. He is a really amazing guys and one of the most impressive examples of true humility I have ever met. He told us a story about when he became a general authority, President Packer told him that he needed to learn English. Also, he told us about an experience where Elder Nelson said that "English is the Language of the Restoration." Through those two experiences, he has learned English as much as he can in the past year, and he did his entire 4 hour training in English. Even though his english really wasn't that good, he followed the counsel of his leaders and did the best he did in a way that was obviously below his real capabilities. It was such a spiritual experience for me to just watch him. More than anything he said, his example brought the spirit to me and taught me. I testify of the power of a good example in bringing the spirit in to our lives. Well, this coming week we have a couple of splits and things and it should be pretty busy. Know that I love you and that I love this gospel and this work. I am doing my best to help others and be a blessing to you all too. Know that you are a wonderful blessing to me as you have been my whole life. I know that we are children of God. I promise that if we but learn to do his will, we will live with him once more. I pray always that he will always teach us and help us find that way. I bear you my humble testimony, as his servant, that Jesus Christ lives. Have a great week everybody!!! Love always, Elder Page

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