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Monday, May 21, 2012

Be humble & recognize the Lord's hand in our life...

Hey everybody!! Thanks so much for the email Mom!! Sounds like things are pretty busy down there with missionaries going here and there and school wrapping up. Caswell sounds like it was pretty fun, however, I have to admit that I laughed out loud when I read about Dad getting hit by Abby in the Golf cart. hahahaha Even now, just thinking about that just makes laugh. Oh good ole' $teve. Having everybody there except me is kind of lonely, but I just know that time here will go quicker than I can say so I am not that disappointed. I can't believe that Zach is already going on his mission. Man, things in the time I have been here have changed so much. I was so happy to hear about Elder Forbes and how great he is doing. Somebody give him a hug and say it is from me, ok? :o) It was super shocking to hear about Kitty White's accident. I remember when you mentioned always visiting her not too long again. I will pray for the Whites. It is a wonderful thing to know very specifically exactly where she is now and when we can see her again. The Plan of Salvation is such a wonderful blessing and something that we can always express gratitude for having that knowledge. I had a pretty good week last week. Things were busy, and I am worn out, but I am feeling great. First of all, I went to the hospital about my back twice this past week. I went on Wednesday and, well, they told me some stuff that didn't really convince me of what the deal was. In the days following that the problem became worse, so I decided to go again to a different place on Saturday. This time they were able to tell me more about what was going on. They looked at an X-Ray of my back/spine and he pointed out that the disk space between my vertebrae was getting smaller. That decrease in space is making my spine do something weird and it is causing pain. He didn't understand why or what exactly I should do, so I am going to another place this week. What he told me was, "you are still young, but your back is old." I talked to Sister Rasmussen about it all, and we are trying to take care of it, but your prayers about this would be appreciated. It is causing quite a bit of discomfort and pain to my everyday life. I was told to rest, but I thought a lot about it and being Elder Nation's trainer and not wanting to interfere with his progress, for now I have just decided to bear with it for now until I know more about what is causing it. Other than that though, we were able to do a lot of teaching and helping of people's faith in the past week which kept a smile on my face. A lot of miracles that reminded me once again that this is God's work of saving souls and spreading joy to others. I really learned a lot about prayer in the past week. Something that I would challenge you guys to do, maybe as an FHE or something, is to read and study PMG page 93-95 about prayer and to find out how you can improve your prayers. I studied it a couple times and did a training on it this past week and was able to learn so much. I was able to relearn again the importance of gratitude and how when we are grateful, we truly do feel so much more joy in our lives. When things are hard, sing the song "Count your Blessings." It really helps when we are having a hard time, I know from experience. ;o) Part of our purpose of being here is to learn to be humble and recognize the Lord's hand in our life. I love this gospel. When I study it, when I hear it's sweet sound, I can just feel it in my heart. It is something that you just can't understand until you feel it. The food that you just don't know until you taste it. I truly do believe that with all of my heart. I hope you all are doing great and that you look for rainbows when there is rain. There is always one there in our lives. I promise that. Have a great week everybody!! I love you. Love, Elder Page

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