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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Matthew's back @ BYU!

Well Matthew is back out at school and all settled in thanks to Dad. They have had a great time together this last week. I am so glad that Steve went out with him to have some one on one time with him. Mckenna has been a huge help also, she is filling in for me :) giving guidance on the apartment and other things. Thanks so much Mckenna! Love you. While there they have gotten to catch up with some great friends and meet new ones, Alicia, Aubrey, Carlos and Vicki!
Thanks to Alcides and Julianna for having them over for dinner. Steve is always in heaven when he can go back to his mission :) And to all my boys (RM's) love you all but thanks so much to Nolan, Carson and Stephen for meeting up with Matt and Steve while they were there. What a sweet reunion! Love you guys! I know it has been and nice trip but I am ready for my sweetie pie to come home. Matthew good luck in school, may the Lord watch over you while you are so very far away! Work hard and have fun!!!! Mckenna make sure he has fun! Love you both! Have a great semester....and most of all enjoy dating and living close to each other!

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