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Monday, January 23, 2012

Hello Everyone! Mom, thanks so much for the email this week! It was super long and informative and I loved reading it! I have a big smile on my face. It seems like in every email now a days that somebody somewhere has gotten married or had another baby!! I didnt even know that Elder Hutchens was married! I am expecting the ball to drop on Matt and Mckenna every week now!! Matt, just get on with it!!! The suspense is killing me over here!! :oD That is super cool about Tyler and his wife! Yeah, I have thought a lot more recently about what to do and with my Japanese I think that International Business might be a good way to go. We'll see I guess! It is crazy how fast time goes and how soon I will have to actually make those decisions. Thanks for giving me a little update on the election! Everybody over here talks about it and it kills me!!! Since the Packers are gone I would, if it wasnt too much trouble, love it if Dad would send me Primary updates, especially with Super Tuesday coming up so soon. That would just rest my mind so much rather than hear a bunch of Japanese people just tell me that "he is doing good." :oD I am doing really good though. To be honest it was a little bit of a stressful week and I am pretty worn out, but still going along just fine. A couple of business like Items, the health card, did you guys switch from Wells fargo? That is the only card I have so should I get ride of that one? Let me know please! Also, something that Dad wont like to hear, my camera is broken. It broke today for no reason. I just turned it on and the lens started freaking out. I took it to the store and they said they couldn't do anything about it. I am going to try a couple more things but, what do you think? Does your clumsy son merit enough to get a third camera on the mission? :o) I am so so so sorry. This camera is super great and it just messed up!! Thanks for all of the pictures of Marissa Mom. they are great! She looks like she is having so much fun, and I like that white watch she has! She looks so pretty like usual! One thing I thought about this week was Conner and Richard. I havent heard ANYTHING from or about them in a long long time. Do you have an address or something for them? I would love love love to hear about from them. Other than that, this past week was busy. We spent 3 days this week out of our area on a split with our District Leader. We got to play futsal one more time this past week which put a smile on my face of course. I got to teach a lesson in English to a woman living here that is a part of Unification Church. Lets just say I am glad that I was raised in the south where I have opened my Bible many a time. :o) We were able to testify of the truth of Jesus Christ written in the Bible and testify that there is more in the Book of Mormon and it was a powerful experience. Sunday was pretty tough though. We had an investigator that we have been trying to get to church for 3 months come, but he got lost somehow and couldnt make it to church!! Then our investigator, Akira, that is almost ready to be baptised, he had some setbacks with the Word of Wisdom this past week and his date for now is gone which was really discouraging. Then, transfers are this next week and EVERYBODY thinks I am transfering and so people tell me "bye bye!" like a joke all the time and I dont really like it that much. Whether I transfer or not we don't know and even if I was I still have another week and so there is no reason to think about it. It just makes it difficult to focus and causes stress. Ask Dad, Dallin, and Matt, they will understand that kind of stress I think. As for those special assignments from President, the big one is this coming Sunday. I get to go with Elder Lay to visit Sado. It is the Island off the the West coast of Japan and there is a small branch of about 5 members there. There are no missionaries there and there havent been for years, but President wants me and Lay Choro to go because the Branch Presidents son is less active and so we are getting assigned on a special reactivation mission. Pretty cool huh. Crazy part is is that it is a 2.5 hour ferry ride at 6:00 am over the windy, wavy, Sea of Japan. If I die Mom, I love you, and if I die, know Marissa that you were the one I wanted to Marry. ;oD hahaha I will be fine, but they did say it was dangerous. ;o) We have a leadership training this coming week which will keep things busy. Guess what, in three days is my hump day. Crazy huh? This week I start the terrible and gruelling count down. Sheesh. Fast. You guys have a tape and a memory card on there way and I finished another memory card today. Elder Sanders makes me take tons and tons of pictures. :oD To wrap up this letter I just want to tell everybody the reality of the power of Prayer. I can testify that if you spent time on your knees, you heart will change. I have tried to commit myself that anytime I am feeling annoyed or stressed or prideful, to get on my knees that very instant and pray for those feelings to leave my heart. I promise that it works and that there is great great power in kneeling humbly before our Father in Heaven. His grace is sufficient to make weak things become strong unto us. I know that to be true and it can be done through Prayer. I know the gospel is true and it will do nothing but better your life and the lives of any who take part in it. I love you all so so so much. Have a great week!! Love Always, Elder Page

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